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Managing Task Type

Leadsquared provides flexibility in the type of tasks that users can create to better suit your business requirements.


You should be Admin user to customize the type of Tasks that can be created.


Go to My Account >Settings>Customization>Task Types. You will see the page like shown below :

By default, Leadsquared has three types of tasks created (Follow-UP, Meeting and Phone Call) with one of them being the default type (marked above in red). When a user creates a task from the Manage Leads page the default task type is created for that lead. Hovering your mouse over any of the task types will give you the options – from left to right – to edit the name of the task, Delete the task type, Set a task type as default or Move the task type up or down. This is shown below:

Each task type has three options that you can include in the task.

  1. Calendar Invite: With this option you can send a calendar invite (as an .ics file) to the organizer (the person creating the task), to the Owner of the lead and also to the lead itself. You can also set the content of the email being sent by choosing the respective Set Content box. The .ics file can be used by clients supporting  iCalendar format like Outlook, Google Calendar , Apple Calendar and Lotus Notes etc .
  2.  Location: If you want any location information to be captured for a task you can choose Enable Location for the Task Type and if you want the location to be mandatory when user assigns a task you can choose make it mandatory for users to fill.
  3.  Custom Field: This field will be useful if you want any custom information to be included in the task .You can have multiple options for a custom label to be included in the task by entering them in the custom values box .

Let us now create a new task type making use of all the task features. Click on Add Task Type like shown below :tasktype2

Enter the name of the task which is Proposal in our case and click on save : tasktype3

We want the Calendar invite for this task to be sent out to the Organizer (the person creating the tasks) , Owner(the owner of the lead) and to the lead , so we check all the three options. We also make the Location mandatory and choose three custom values for our task label which is Proposal Day with options Day1, Day2 and Day3 and click on save like shown below :


We set the content that is to be emailed to the Lead by clicking Set Content against Enable Calendar Invite for Associate Lead like shown below:


We will now compose the content of the email :


Our Proposal task type has been made the default task and we will now add the task to a lead from the Manage Leads page. Please Click Here to know how to create tasks . The task created with the Custom Label and value is shown below:


The email received by the lead and read in outlook is shown below:


To change to a different task type other than the default one please click on the drop down against the default task name like shown below :


Finally, it is possible to filter all tasks of a particular type using the Task Type filter in the view tasks page like shown below: