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How to create Tasks and schedule Reminders?

The tasks and reminders feature of Leadsquared allows you to create follow-ups for your Leads and also schedule associated reminders. Setting reminders for a task generates emails with the details of the upcoming task. Leadsquared also sends an email daily report of all your pending tasks for the corresponding day.

To create a task:

  • Click Actions against the Lead (for which you need to do a follow up) and click Add Task. The Create Follow -Up Task pop-up box appears.

  • Complete the following fields:

Owner: This is the LeadSquared user to whom the task is being assigned to. By default, the owner is the same user who is creating the task. You can click the close button in the field and assign the task to any LeadSquared user like shown below:

Associated Lead: This is the Lead for which you are creating the task. By default, it displays the name of the Lead  for which you have created the task from the managed leads page. You can change the name of the Lead (provided you are owner of that Lead) and create the task for another lead. To change the name of the Lead, type in the first few letters of the lead name and you should see it like shown below. It is also possible to create a general task which is not associated with any Lead by making the Associated Lead field empty.

Schedule: This is the time when the task needs to be completed within. Select a date ahead from the present date.

Remind: Check this, if want to receive an email notification about the task before the Scheduled time.

Description: Enter the details of the task here.

  • Click Save.

You can view all your tasks details from the Manage Tasks window. To access:

The following features are available in the Tasks window:

Search Tasks: Enter the task subject or task description here to search for the task.

Filter by Due date: Allows you to filter tasks based on the Scheduled Date.

Filter by Tasks Status: Allows you to filter tasks using their status. The status filter can be either of All, Pending Completed or Cancelled.

Filter by Owner: This option will not be visible to a sales user. A sales user can view only tasks assigned to him while users with other roles can view all tasks. If you are an Administrator/Marketing or Sales Manger you can use this option to filter tasks by owner.

Filter by Tasks Type: Allows you to  filter tasks based on tasks types.

To make changes to any task or change its status:

  • Click Actions actions button against a task as shown in the image below:

The following action items are available:

Edit: Allows you to edit a task.

Mark Complete: Allows you to mark a task as completed.

Delete: Allows you to delete a task.

Cancel: Allows you to cancel a task.

View Detail: Allows you to view the details of the task.

List Actions Available from the Manage Tasks

The list action feature allows to perform actions for multiple leads at the same time. The following list actions are available from the Manage Tasks window:

Mark Complete: Allows you to mark tasks as completed for multiple leads.

Mark Open: Allows you to mark completed tasks to open for multiple leads.

Delete: Allows to delete tasks for multiple leads.

Cancel: Allows to cancel tasks for multiple leads.

Change Owner: Allows to change the ownership of multiple tasks to a single new owner.

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