User Management Features

The LeadSquared Check-In and Check-Out feature lets you track the availability and attendance of your users. To learn more about this exciting feature, see Check-In and Check Out

Note: This feature applies to both the LeadSquared Web and Mobile apps.

You have the flexibility to configure this feature for user roles or user groups.

  • Role level configuration allows you to apply check-in/check-out to your administrators, marketing users, sales managers and sales users. You can enable the feature for a single role or a combination of roles. You can also go really granular and exclude individual users with a role.
  • Group level configuration allows you to enable check-in/check-out for one or many groups. You have the option of excluding all group managers or you can go granular and select the user(s) you want to exclude.

Once you’ve enabled and configured check-in/check-out, included users will be prompted to check-in on login. They will also have to manually check-out as closing the LeadSquared application won’t automatically check them out. Access the new User Check-In/Check-Out History report to see the attendance and availability patterns of your users.

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Scott Hill
Scott Hill
1 year ago

Is there an easy way to turn off lead distribution for users who are sick or on vacation?