Lead Automation Conditions – If/Else

The If/Else condition lets you setup Yes/No criteria. It allows you to set up alternative courses of action based on whether your criteria is met or not. You can set up If/Else conditions on lead, activity and task fields.

A few of the many applications of this condition are mentioned here –


  • If a lead is from Bangalore, add to the ‘Bangalore Leads’ list. Else, add to the ‘Other Leads’ list.
  • If a lead is from an online source, send a welcome email. Else set up a follow-up call.
  • If a lead is interested in ‘Product A’ send ‘Email A’. Else send ‘Email B’.


  • If an opportunity has a monthly income of 50,000, the Opportunity Status is ‘Relevant’. Else, the status is ‘Not Relevant’.
  • If an opportunity clicks on an email sent, then the Opportunity Stage is ‘Open’. Else, the stage is ‘Lost’.


  • If an activity is posted, say ‘Email Link Clicked’, then send an email to the lead.
  • If an ‘Unsubscribed’ activity is posted, then add the lead to a ‘Not Interested list’.


  • After creating a task, say ‘Meeting’, wait till 4 hours. If the task status is pending, notify the user. Else, post an activity, ‘Meeting Completed’ for example.


  • After an account is updated, if the account stage changes to ‘Customer’, send a welcome email. If the account stage changes to ‘Opportunity’, send nurturing emails instead.


Single If/Else Condition

Consider, if you give an If condition ” Lead visited on webpage” after the Wait condition of ”One day”.

condition set

Here If/Else conditions act as a Yes/No criteria for the Wait condition. After the wait condition of 1 day, if the Lead visits the web page, an Email is sent to the Lead. If the Lead does not visit the web page after 1 day, a notification Email is sent to the Lead Owner to follow-up with the Lead.


Setting Conditions on Activity and Task Triggers

Conditions on triggered activities and added activities

  • For activity based automations, where the trigger is new activity on a lead, activity update on a lead, if you choose the ‘Triggered Activity’ option in the in the If/Else condition then it will relate only to the triggered event.
  • If you select ‘Lead Activity’, it will relate to all corresponding events on the lead including past activities.

conditions on triggered activities

Conditions on triggered tasks and added tasks

  • If you set up task-based automations, where the trigger is Task Create, Task Reminder or Task Complete, you can then set up conditions on the triggered task in the If/Else action card.
  • If you add a task at some point in your automation using the ‘Create Task’ card, you can set conditions on it in a subsequent If/Else card.

task conditions in If/Else automation


Multi If/Else Condition

Use the Multi If/Else condition when you have a large number of outcomes to automate. The If/Else cards here will be aligned at the same horizontal level and the performance will be faster than using many single If/Else cards.


Example Use Case

Let’s say you want to send certain email campaigns to your leads based on their location. One way you could do it would be to set up multiple if/else cards as follows –

when to use multi if/else

Apart from being more tedious to set up, the configuration above will also run slower due to the multiple levels a lead will pass through.
Alternatively, a multi if/else card for the same use case would not only be easier to set up but would also execute faster –

multi if else example


Set Up the Multi If/Else Condition

Scroll down under Conditions, then click Multi If/Else.

multi if else condition

After adding the conditions you require, click Set Conditions.

setting new conditions

Continue to click the add expand icon to add more If/Else cards.

multi if else cards

Now add actions under each Else If card and the Else card as required.

add actions


Any Questions?

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8 months ago

If you ADD a condition and then later decide to delete it, how do you do that?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Doreen
8 months ago

Hi, Doreen. Hover your cursor on the If/Else condition, and you’ll see the “x” option. Click this, and the condition will be deleted.