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Lead Automation Conditions – If/Else

The If/Else condition lets you setup Yes/No criteria. It allows you to set up alternative courses of action based on whether your criteria is met or not. You can set up If/Else conditions on lead, activity and task fields.

A few of the many applications of this condition are mentioned here –


  • If a lead is from Bangalore, add to the ‘Bangalore Leads’ list. Else, add to the ‘Other Leads’ list.
  • If a lead is from an online source, send a welcome email. Else set up a follow-up call.
  • If a lead is interested in ‘Product A’ send ‘Email A’. Else send ‘Email B’.


  • If an activity is posted, say ‘Email Link Clicked’, then send an email to the lead.
  • If an ‘Unsubscribed’ activity is posted, then add the lead to a ‘Not Interested list’.


  • After creating a task, say ‘Meeting’, wait till 4 hours. If the task status is pending, notify the user. Else, post an activity, ‘Meeting Completed’ for example.


Set Up the If/Else Condition

Consider, if you give an If condition ” Lead visited on webpage” after the Wait condition of ”One day”.

condition set

Here If/Else conditions act as a Yes/No criteria for the Wait condition. After the wait condition of 1 day, if the Lead visits the web page, an Email is sent to the Lead. If the Lead does not visit the web page after 1 day, a notification Email is sent to the Lead Owner to follow-up with the Lead.


Setting Conditions on Activity and Task Triggers

Conditions on triggered activities and added activities

  • For activity based automations, where the trigger is new activity on a lead, activity update on a lead, if you choose the ‘Triggered Activity’ option in the in the If/Else condition then it will relate only to the triggered event.
  • If you select ‘Lead Activity’, it will relate to all corresponding events on the lead including past activities.

conditions on triggered activities

Conditions on triggered tasks and added tasks

  • If you set up task-based automations, where the trigger is Task Create, Task Reminder or Task Complete, you can then set up conditions on the triggered task in the If/Else action card.
  • If you add a task at some point in your automation using the ‘Create Task’ card, you can set conditions on it in a subsequent If/Else card.

task conditions in If/Else automation