Automation Failure Report

1. Feature Overview

A detailed report of all the automation failures is available. This report allows you to see a list of all the automations that have failed, in a single place. The report will help you retry failed actions easily.


2. Procedure

1. Retry an Individual Event

  1. From the LeadSquared dashboard, navigate to Workflow>Automation. Under Related Settings, you will find the Automation Failure Report.
  2. Click on Automation Failure Report to view the names of automations that have failed.
  3. Click on any entry under the Name column. This will expand to show the list of failed events.
  4. To retry an individual event, click the icon. On the prompt window, click the Retry button.
  5. The report will get updated with the date and time on which the event was retried, along with the name of the user who retried the event.

Automation Failure Report Demo


2. Retry All Events

You can also retry all the failed events at one go –

1. Under the Actions column, hover over the settings Action Icon icon to view the Retry All option.

Automation Failure Report

2. Once you click on the Retry All button, all the events will get updated with the last date and time on which they were retried, along with the name of the user who retried them.


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