Can I have conditional access to my Landing Pages?

Yes. You can have conditional access to your landing pages. Conditional access means, access to a particular page, if a particular condition is satisfied. In other words, you want visitors to submit on a particular form, only after, submitting on another form.

Example: You have a landing page to capture leads, say Landing Page A. You have another landing page, in which a product video is present, say Landing Page B. Now, if visitors visit Landing Page B, you would want them to visit Landing Page A first, and then visit Landing Page B. For this to happen, all you have to do, is paste a Java Script in the Landing Page B.

Edit the required landing page in LeadSquared,  and go to Step 04 – Page Settings. Scroll down and go to section Embed JavaScript. Paste following script there:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

 var sourcePageURL = ‘URL of Landing Page A’;

if ((document.referrer != “” && document.referrer.indexOf(sourcePageURL) == -1) || document.referrer == “”) {

  location.href = sourcePageURL;



Republish the landing page.  Now, clear cache of your browser and visit the first landing page again. You will be redirected to the second landing page.

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