List Management – Feature Guide

1. Feature Overview

Lists are groups or collections of leads. You can create lists using any criteria, for example –

  • Leads from a particular city, in a certain stage, etc.
  • Leads filtered by activities they’ve performed such as website pages visited, email campaigns opened, etc.
  • Leads filtered by tasks that have to be performed like follow-ups, meetings, product demos, etc.

The Manage Lists page allows you to create, edit and view all your lists in one place. You can view lists created by you as well as lists created by other users. Once created, you can use lists to –

  • Send email campaigns
  • Set-up automations
  • Perform tasks, bulk updates, post activities, run exports, and more…

LeadSquared allows you to create two types of lists –

  • Static Lists
  • Dynamic Lists

Static Lists have a fixed number of leads. The list can only be changed by manually deleting, adding or importing leads. So, when a lead who meets the criteria of the static list is added to your system, the list won’t get updated automatically. You will have to manually add the lead to the list.
A typical use case of a static list would be a list of the participants who attended a particular webinar. Creating such a list would enable you to send further documentation/communication/offers for those who attend the webinar. Since the participants for that particular webinar wouldn’t change, you can create a static list for it.

Dynamic Lists are a set of leads defined by specific criteria. The criteria could be attributes or activities of leads. When a lead who fulfills the criteria of the dynamic list is added, the list will automatically get updated with this new lead.
A typical use case of a dynamic list is a list of all leads from a specific geographic location, such as Bangalore, India. Every time a lead is created, with their location as Bangalore, this list will get updated with that lead automatically.

Note: Users cannot create dynamic or refreshable lists with wildcard operators (ContainsDoes not containStarts with, and Ends with). To know more, refer to Wildcard Search Limitations.


2. Create a List 

The following procedure describes how you can create static, dynamic and empty lists.

Note: The following lists are available by default in your account – Starred Leads and All Leads (the total number of leads in your account).

2.1 New List

  1. From the LeadSquared main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Lists.
  2. Click Create New List.
  3. On the Create New List pop-up, select the search criteria from the available drop-downs.
  4. After selecting the criteria, click Add.
  5. Once you’re done, click Find Leads.
  6. When the list is available, depending on your requirement, you can Save as Static List or Save as Dynamic List.
  7. Once you save it, your list is available on the Manage Lists page.
Note: You can change an existing dynamic list to a static list (by editing an existing list, and choosing Save as Static List). You cannot change an existing static list to a dynamic list.



2.2 Create Empty List

You can create an empty list with certain criteria. When leads matching the criteria are added to the system, the list will auto-populate.

  1. From the LeadSquared main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Lists.
  2. Click Create Empty List.
  3. Provide a name and add a description to the list.



2.3 Import Lead

  1. From the LeadSquared main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Lists.
  2. Click Import Lead.
  3. To know how to import leads, refer to How to Import Leads.



3. Manage Lists Page

On the Manage Lists page, you can perform the following actions –

  • Search for lists
  • Add tags to lists, and filter lists using tags
  • Other actions such as send emails to lists, send SMS to lists, edit, delete, hide, and other custom actions.


  • Sales Users cannot share lists. When a Sales user creates a list, it can only be viewed by that individual user. No other users (including other Sales users, Admins, Marketing users, and Sales Managers) will be able to view these lists.
  • When Admins, Marketing users, and Sales Managers create a list, it can be viewed by these three user types but not by Sales Users.

3.1 Search Lead Lists

On the Manage Lists page, use the search bar on the top-left corner to find existing lead lists.


You can also search by the List Type and Created By options.


3.2 Add and Filter Tags

Tags are used to help you categorize and identify lists. For example, if you’re creating lists as part of a holiday season email campaign you can tag the list with, say, ‘Holiday Season Sale’.

To add a tag –

  1. On the Manage Lists page, hover your cursor over the Settings icon icon.
  2. From the dropdown options, click Add Tag.
  3. On the Tags pop-up, enter relevant tags for the list.
  4. Once you’re done, press the Return/Enter key. You can add multiple tags to a list.


To search for lists using the tags, click on the Filter by Tag search-bar, and select the relevant tag.



3.3 Row Actions

To view the list of actions available, on the Manage Lists page, hover your cursor over the Settings icon icon.

EditYou can edit the name, description and list type on the Edit List pop-up.


DeleteYou can delete an existing list.
HideYou can hide an existing list.
Send EmailYou can send emails to the leads in the list.


Send SMSYou can send SMS to the leads in the list.


Note: Custom actions you create using the Custom Lead and List Actions Connector will also show up here.



3.4 Bulk Actions

This allows you to delete and hide lists on the Manage Lists page. To do this –

  1. Select the list on which you want to perform these actions by clicking the checkbox Checkbox next to the list.
  2. On the top-right side of the screen, from the Leads dropdown, select Delete or Hide.
  3. Confirm your choice on the confirmation pop-up.



4. List Details Page

You can perform the following actions on the List Details Page –

4.1 Search for Leads

You can find specific leads within the list by using different search criteria. They are –

Search LeadsYou can search for leads in the list using any of the lead’s details (such as first name, second name, email Id, etc.).
Lead StageYou can search for leads in the list who are currently in any one of the lead stages that you’ve created.
Date RangeYou can search for leads in the list based on when they were created, when they were last modified on, when was an activity posted on them, etc.



4.2 Row Actions

You can perform lead actions on the leads available within the list. To know how to perform these actions, refer to Manage Leads.

Individual Lead – Alongside a lead, hover your cursor over the Settings icon icon, and select the action you want to perform from the list of available actions.


Bulk Actions – Select the leads, and hover your cursor over the Actions button. From the dropdown list, select the action that you want to perform.



4.3 List Actions

You can perform actions on the entire list, which includes all the leads present within the list. To do this, hover your cursor over the List Actions button available on the top-right corner of the page. The list of available actions are –

Quick Add LeadYou can add a lead directly to the list from the List Details page, by providing basic details.
Add New LeadYou can add a lead directly to the list from the Add New Lead pop-up, by providing in-depth details.
EditEdit the list name and list description.
Add More LeadsAdd leads to your list from existing leads in your account.
Delete ListDeletes the list. Doesn’t delete any lead data.
Delete All LeadsThis will delete all the leads available in the list, from your entire account. All the lead details will be deleted on fields present across your account.
Send EmailSend an email to the entire list from the email pop-up.
Update LeadsOn the Update Leads pop-up, from the lead fields dropdown, you can update all the leads in the list.
Send SMSSend an SMS to the entire list from the SMS pop-up.
Add Tag to ListAdd tags to the list.
Tag All LeadsAdd tags to all the leads present in the list.
Trigger AutomationYou can trigger automations on the list.



4.4 List View

On the List Details page, you can change the fields that are displayed on the grid. To do this –

  1. One the right side of the page, click the Grid icon.
  2. On the Select Fields to View in Grid pop-up, on the top right corner, change Show: Selected to Show: All.
  3. Select the fields that you want to view on the grid.
  4. Once you’re done, click Show Selected.
  5. You can also change the current view to default by clicking Restore Default.



Any Questions?

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1 month ago

can’t these lists be implemented by workflows ?

Dharshana Santhanam
Reply to  kashyap
1 month ago

Hi, Kashyap. Please write an email to regarding this. Someone from our team will get in touch with you ASAP.

1 year ago

You can view lists created by you as well as lists created by other users.”

How can I share a list with my colleague?

Dharshana Santhanam
Reply to  Bharat
11 months ago

Hi, Bharat.
Users cannot share lists with other users. However, you can view the lists created by users in your organisation.