How to Change Fonts to Make Your Emails More Readable

Want to improve your click-rates? Making your emails more readable would help. You will be surprised to know that small things like changing your email fonts can also have a major impact on the readability of your emails.

This video tutorial shows you how you can change fonts easily in LeadSquared:

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Marty Aghejian
Marty Aghejian
1 year ago

How do you change the the fonts on Leadsquared itself, because it’s hard to read sometimes. Can we make it more bold and less blurry?

Vir Singh
Reply to  Marty Aghejian
1 year ago

Hi Marty,
If I understood correctly, you want to change the fonts on the LeadSquared application itself. This is currently not possible, but I’ll definitely pass on the feedback to the product team. Can you help me with the specific pages/features on the application where you’re facing readability issues?