Configuring multiple domains in LeadSquared

You can track website visits on multiple domains (and sub-domains in each domain) in LeadSquared. You can also associate multiple sub-domains for your landing pages.

Prerequisites & Notes:

  1. Multi-domain setup is available only for customers in Standard and Enterprise Plans as a paid add-on. Please contact your sales account manager or write to if you want to use the feature.
  2. For customers in other plans only one domain per LeadSquared account can be configured.  You can find your subscription plan at My Account-> Settings->Lead Tracking -> Website and Landing page Domains
  3. You must be Admin or Marketing user to access the domain settings

If you are on single domain setup plan, please check this article: How to Publish Landing Pages within your Domain Name?

Default website domain

When you sign-up for LeadSquared account, you provide a website domain for your business. That becomes your default domain associated with LeadSquared. If you install website tracking script on all web pages of your main domain (for example and any subdomain (for example,…) then the visit of your Leads’ to these pages will be tracked in LeadSquared. Here is how your default domain will appear in settings page.

Navigate to My Account->Settings->Lead Tracking->Website and Landing Page Domains

domain settings

Adding More website domains

You can add more domains (subject to limits in your subscription plan) to track visits of Leads on it and in any sub-domain.

Click Add Domain.

Add Domain Button

Enter new domain name. The name should not have “www.” or any other prefix.  

Enter Domain Name

You will see the domain being shown in the list of domains.  You can make the new domain as Primary domain.

Set as primary

Only one domain can be primary.  The significance of primary domain is in context of tracking website visits that result from email campaigns. The links of email are encoded using your Primary Domain  (please check the Domain Setting for Email Link article to know about it). So website visits after email campaign can be tracked only in primary domain.

Please ensure that you install LeadSquared Website Tracking Script on all domains that you add. 

Website tracking icon

 Default Landing Page Domain

The default domain to host LeadSquared landing pages is <yourdomainname> is a domain name owned by LeadSquared.

LP default domain

You can provide your own  sub-domain name to host Landing pages.  For example, the landing pages can be hosted in

To provide landing page domain, add a main domain first as described in the “Adding more website domains” section in the article.

Click Add Domain button to add sub-domain for landing page.

Add Domain Button

  1. Select Landing Page Hosting tab
  2. Select the domain in which you want to specify a sub-domain
  3. Specify the sub-domain name
  4. Save

New LP Domain

 Once you specify the sub-domain (say ,  you need to add a CNAME record in the DNS server of  of  your domain (say where points to

LP - Set Primary

The setting in your DNS may take upto 48 hours to propagate. Once it is propagated, you will see green tick mark next to the sub-domain name in LeadSquared:

LP cName connected

Here is an article on doing cName setting in control panels of popular hosting providers: How to Edit DNS Settings in Web Hosting Services

You can specify multiple landing page sub-domains across multiple domains:

Multiple Subdomains

You can specify one of the domains as Primary.  By default, the <yourdomainname> is primary.

Once you change primary domain, the default URL for landing pages will be available in that.

LP - Set Primary

You can however, get URL of landing page in any of the sub-domains that you use.

Verify the new Landing Page Domain

Once you have created and published a landing page, you can use”Get Landing page URL” option in landing page list:


Select a sub-domain to get the corresponding URL.

Get URL Popup

The URL will be displayed:

LP Published URL

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