Entity Share Option for Telephony

1. Feature Overview

When configuring the Telephony Agent pop-up, you may want to grant access to lead and opportunity details to users that are not lead/opportunity owners. This allows them to have the relevant information available on the pop-up while conversing with leads. This article will help you enable the Entity Share option through the Agent Pop-up.


2. Prerequisites

You must be an Admin user to configure the Entity Share option.


3. Entity Share Through Agent Pop-up

Navigate to Settings>Telephony Settings>Entity share via popup. You will be presented with the following configurations –

  • Enable lead share via agent pop-up – This configuration allows a non-lead owner to view and/or edit the lead’s details while on a call.
  • Enable Opportunity share via agent pop-up – This configuration allows a non-lead owner to view and/or edit Opportunities while on a call.

Click on Configure to enable them.

telephony entity share

Both configurations have the following permission settings –

  • Enable – Select to enable the configuration.
  • Access Type – Define the access type for the configuration –
    • View – Non-lead owners can only view the lead details.
    • Modify – Non-lead owners can view and modify the lead details.
  • Duration In Min – Specify the duration (in minutes) of lead share allowed while the agent is on the call.

telephony lead share permission


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