Overwrite Lead Fields Through Dynamic Forms

1. Feature Overview

When a Lead Owner is filling a LeadSquared Dynamic Form, and if the lead already exists, the owner will now have the option to auto-populate the Form with the existing Lead Field details. The owner can also overwrite (or update) the existing Lead Field details through the Form submission. A unique identifier field (for example, an email or phone number) on the Form will be used to check if the lead exists.

forms overwrite Lead fields based on Unique fields


2. Prerequisites


3. Lead Owners Can Overwrite Existing Lead Fields Values

Navigate to Form Settings>Additional Settings and enable Overwrite lead field based on unique field by togglingtoggle.  You will be presented with three overwrite mechanisms for the Lead Fields on Form submission –

  1. Update All Fields – This will update all the Lead Field values that are present in the Form post the Form submission.
  2. Do Not Update – This will not update any Lead Field values post the Form submission.
  3. Update If Empty – This will update Lead Field values that were empty before the Form submission and the user has now added values for. 
Note: Permission Template settings will be respected first when overwriting any Lead Field details on the Form. If a Permission Template defines that a Sales User cannot update the Lead Fields, then the field values will be read-only after auto-populating.

forms overwrite lead fields

When an existing lead is recognized on the Form through the unique identifier, you will be presented with an option – Would you like to fill field values? Yes | No. You can hover your mouse over View Details to preview the lead details. Click Yes to auto-populate the fields. On successful Form submission, the Lead Field details will be updated according to the overwrite mechanism you have specified.

forms overwrite Lead fields based on Unique fields


Any Questions?

If you have any questions related to forms that weren’t answered here, please leave comments below. We’ll be happy to help!

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Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav
1 year ago

Is the behaviour Same across Mobile App Dynamic forms as well?