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Can I create a new user with the Email address of a deactivated user?

You cannot create a new LeadSquared user with the same Email address which is already existing in your deactivated LeadSquared account. You need to use a different Email address to create a new user as the Email ID of the deactivated user remain in the LeadSquared database and cannot be used again. However, there is a simple workaround for this, in which an Administrator user can change the Email address of the required user, deactivate the account and then use the old Email Address again.

Below is an image of when you try to create a user using the Email ID of a deactivated user:



  • You should be an Administrator user of your LeadSquared system.


To do this:


  • Determine the required user and against the required user, click tool-button under Actions and click Edit. The Edit User popup box appears.



  • Make a note of the Email Address given against the Email Address field.
  • Click Change and a message box appears asking to confirm the Email change. Click Change.
  • Provide another Email Address (example: 123@yopmail.com, 345@yopmail.com) and click Save. 

By this way, you have changed the Email Address of the user and removed it from the LeadSquared backend. So when a user is deactivated, you can use the Email Address again which you had made a note of in the above procedure in order to create a new user.

For detailed information on User Management, refer to Manage Users.