How can I find leads who have been active in the past 1 week using Advanced Search?

You can easily find the leads who have been active in the past 1 week using our Advanced Search feature. Leads are considered to be active if they are involved in any of the activities related to email campaigns (opens/clicks), landing pages (form submitted), website pages (visits), and any other custom activity that you have set.

Follow the below steps

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Leads > Manage Leads. Click on Advanced Search.

Manage Leads

2. Select the following criteria

  •  Lead Activity
  • Is
  • Any Activity
  • Last 7 Days


3. Click on Add. Select the All Criteria check  box.

4. Click on Find Leads to get the leads who have been active in the past 1 week.

5. You will be redirected to the Manage Leads page and all the leads that satisfy the criterion will be displayed.


For more information on Advanced Search, see How do I use Advanced Search feature in LeadSquared?

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