Enable Dynamic Forms on Offline Mode in the Mobile App

Feature Overview

Offline-compatible dynamic forms can be used on the mobile app without an internet connection. You can enter information on the form and save it as a draft. However, you can only submit the form once you’re back online. These saved drafts will be displayed under Offline: Pending Sync.

Offline-compatible forms are displayed on the Manage Forms page as shown below –

LeadSquared - offline compatible form

Note: In order to identify whether an existing form is offline-compatible or not, the form needs to be republished.


Enable Dynamic Forms in Offline Mode

To enable dynamic on offline mode –

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile app>Permissions and under Offline Leads, enable the Allow Access setting.
  2. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Additional Settings and under Forms, enable the Offline Dynamic Forms setting.
  3. On the mobile app –
    1. Tap LeadSquared - Mobile app menu.
    2. Tap Setting icon.
    3. Tap Offline and and enable the Leads setting.

Note: Offline-compatible forms will be accessible to users only for the following Add lead work areas for mobile in the Portal Designer

  • Lead list 
  • Lead Smartviews 
  • Leads Near me
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities 
  • Home builder 

LeadSquared - Enable dynamic forms in offline mode


View Saved Dynamic Forms

To view the saved drafts of the dynamic forms on the mobile app –

  1. Tap LeadSquared - Mobile app menu.
  2. Tap Offline: Pending Sync.
  3. Tap Forms. and select the relevant saved form to view.

LeadSquared - Offline forms in mobile



A form cannot be offline-compatible if it has any of the following:

  • Fields –
    • Email OTP
    • Phone/PhoneText OTP
    • Iframe
    • LOS
    • Account
    • Associated lead field
    • Associated opportunity field
    • Lead CFS field
    • Grid/tiles
    • File export field
    • QA/Bar code field
    • Payment(Not supported in Mobile Apps)
    • Captcha (Not supported in Mobile Apps)
  • Rules:
    • Set Value from Lapp/API/Mavis
    • Set Options from Lapp/API/Mavis
    • Data From File Lapps


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