LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration with Interakt

1. Feature Overview

Interakt WhatsApp self-serve solution helps you engage your customers simply, securely and reliably. Interakt facilitates customer support and other marketing efforts through WhatsApp. If you’re using Interakt APIs, this article will help you integrate with LeadSquared to avail WhatsApp messaging functionality right within the platform.

We also support WhatsApp integrations through other service providers like Infobip, Zoko, Kaleyra, Wati, and Gupshup.


2. Prerequisites

If you’re not familiar with LeadSquared’s WhatsApp integration, see WhatsApp Business Messaging Connector. For frequently asked questions, see WhatsApp Business FAQs.

  1. Get an approved WhatsApp Business Number and Account.
  2. An active Interakt account.
  3. To enable the Interakt integration on your account, contact your account manager, or write to support@leadsquared.com.


3. Installation

For installation, refer to WhatsApp Business Messaging Connector.


4. Configuration

Once the connector is installed, add and configure your WhatsApp phone numbers to the connector.

4.1 Basic Details

WhatsApp Zoko LeadSquared Integration

WhatsApp Business NumberSelect the country code, and provide your WhatsApp business number. This field is mandatory.
To get your WhatsApp business number, contact your Meta account representative or support team.
Account NameProvide a relevant name for your connector. This field is mandatory.
Allow Lead Generation on incoming messageEnableSlider to allow automatic lead creation when you receive messages from unknown mobile numbers.
Lead SourceFrom the dropdown, select a lead source for your leads.

Once you’re done, click Next.


4.2 Service Provider

From the available options, select Interakt, and click Next.

Interakt LeadSquared Integration


4.3 Authentication Set-up

On this screen, enter –

Client Base URLThe base URL is listed here. This is a non-editable field.
WhatsApp NumberThe WhatsApp business number you provided in the Basic Details screen. This is a non-editable screen. To change the number, navigate back to the Basic Details screen, and change the number there.
UsernamePass the following value as the username – “api.interakt.ai“.
PasswordEnter the Interakt API Secret Key. To obtain this, from your Interakt account dashboard, go to Settings>Developer Setting>Secret Key.

Interakt LeadSquared Integration

Once you’re done entering all the details, click Next.

Once you’re done entering all the details on the LeadSquared WhatsApp configuration pop-up, click Next.


4.4 Converse Settings

LeadSquared Converse is an instant messaging feature that allows you to have real-time conversations with your leads via WhatsApp.

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration

To integrate LeadSquared Converse with WhatsApp, complete the following steps –

  1. On the Converse Settings tab, toggle the Enable Converse Slider slider.
  2. Under User Access, grant permissions to users who can communicate with leads through the LeadSquared Converse.
    • Based on Role – From the Search and Select Users dropdown, select the LeadSquared user roles that can send messages through LeadSquared Converse.
    • Advanced (User Level) – Based on the value entered in the selected user boolean field (e.g., for the user Sam, the “Is Employee” user field contains the value “Yes”), the user will be able to send messages through LeadSquared Converse. From the Select User Field dropdown, select a relevant boolean field.
  3. Functionality – The following additional settings must be configured –
    • Approved Templates – Enable this functionality to allow your users to send approved WhatsApp templates to your leads.
    • Unapproved Templates – Enable this functionality to allow your users to send unapproved WhatsApp templates to your leads. These can only be sent if the 24-hours service window is active.
    • Notify Lead Owner* – When enabled, only lead owners will get notifications of the WhatsApp messages a lead sends. When disabled, all logged-in users will receive notifications of these WhatsApp messages.
    • Sending Rich Media – Enable this functionality to allow your users to send media files in the WhatsApp messages.


  • *Message notifications are only sent to one user, i.e., either the Lead Owner or to the user (other than the Lead Owner) that sent the WhatsApp message to the lead. When the Notify Lead Owner setting is enabled, only the Lead Owner will get notified, while the user who sent the message will not get a notification.
  • If you enable the Send Rich Media option, you must also enable the Approved Templates option. This ensures that you can add your media files to a template when messaging your leads.

LeadSquared Gupshup Integration


4.5 Advanced Settings

On this screen, provide the following details –

Interakt LeadSquared Integration

  • Activity Mapping – A LeadSquared activity field to capture your WhatsApp messages. This is the activity that will be posted every time a WhatsApp message is sent or received.
  • Default WhatsApp Number Fields – The number you set as the default phone number will be automatically selected when you’re sending a WhatsApp message to a lead. You can also select other numbers that are available from the Add Another Number dropdown.
  • Default Country Code – The default country code will be used to send messages to a phone number that’s stored in a custom field, if no country code is listed.
  • Enable Rich Media Template Support – If you want to include media files in your WhatsApp message, you must enable the Slider slider.
  • Show URL Preview in Custom Messages – Enable the sliderSlider to allow for URL previews in non-templatized WhatsApp messages.
  • Compliance Type – Here, you can select the compliance type for the WhatsApp template, by choosing either WhatsApp Opt-out or Opt-in.
  • WhatsApp Opt-out – Your leads can opt-in or out of receiving WhatsApp messages on the basis of this field. From the dropdown, select a LeadSquared lead field for the WhatsApp opt-in/opt-out functionality.
  • Blacklist Incoming Messages – If required, you can enable this option to blacklist incoming messages from specific numbers. This is useful when you want to block numbers that send inappropriate messages to your users. Once enabled, enter the phone numbers in the text box available on the right side of your screen. You can add phone numbers with 7-12 digits (excluding the country code). This option is available only when the Allow Lead Generation on incoming messages setting is enabled.
Note: You must create a custom lead field of boolean type to map to the WhatsApp opt-out functionality. For example, you may create a custom lead field called “WhatsApp Opt Out”. Leads for whom the field is selected/checked won’t receive WhatsApp messages.

Click Save & Close when you’re done.

  • If your credentials are correct, you’ll see the success message highlighted below.
  • If they were incorrect, the integration will fail.


5. Webhook Configuration

To receive incoming messages from your leads, as well as to get the delivery status (Sent, Delivered, Read, or Failed) of your outbound messages, configure the LeadSquared webhook in your Interakt account.

In LeadSquared

  1. Once the configuration is completed and saved in your LeadSquared account, a webhook is generated.
  2. To access the webhook, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace, search for the WhatsApp Business Connector, and click Configure.
  3. On the Configure WhatsApp Business pop-up, select the Interakt integration.
  4. On the Authentication tab, you’ll find the webhook alongside Notifications Webhook URL. Copy this webhook.

Interakt LeadSquared Integration

In Interakt

  1. Login to your Interakt account, and navigate to Settings>Developer Settings.
  2. On the Developer Settings page, under Configure Webhook, click Edit.
  3. On the Configure Webhook URL pop-up, use the webhook you copied from LeadSquared, and paste it under Webhook URL.
  4. From the options listed under Select Required Webhooks, open Template Messages Sent via API, and enable all four options available (Sent, Delivered, Read and Failed).
  5. Then, open Others, and enable the checkbox alongside Message received from customers (only on Advanced / Haptik Plan).
  6. Once you’re done, click Submit.

You should now receive incoming messages and the delivery status of your outbound messages.

LeadSquared Interakt Integration


6. Add Templates in LeadSquared

To add existing Interakt templates to your LeadSquared account –

  1. Login to your Interakt account.
  2. From the left-menu, navigate to Templates, and on the WhatsApp Templates screen, click Active.
  3. Select the templates you want to add to your LeadSquared account.
  4. Then, to add these templates to LeadSquared, refer to Adding WhatsApp Templates to LeadSquared.

Interakt LeadSquared Integration


6. Conversing with Leads via WhatsApp

Integrating Converse with LeadSquared’s WhatsApp connector will enable your users to have real-time conversations with your leads through WhatsApp. Using templatized messages, you’ll be able to attach and send media files (such as images, documents, etc.) in your conversations. To know more, refer to LeadSquared Converse.

LeadSquared WhatsApp Integration


7. Next Steps

Once the connector is successfully installed, you can proceed to add WhatsApp templates and finally message your leads. For details, see Adding WhatsApp Templates to LeadSquared.


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