How to Select Lead Fields that you want to view on Lead Management page?

1. Feature Overview

Column Customization enables you to display the columns you want to view on the Manage Leads/Opportunities/Activities/Task page. It saves your users time by allowing quick access to lead details without navigating to the Lead Details page.

For example, using this feature, you can show default lead fields (such as lead score, lead owner, etc.) and custom lead fields (such as course interest, insurance type, budget, etc.) directly on the grid.

Note: In addition to the default fields, you can also display custom lead fields on the grid. For more information, see How to Create Custom Lead Fields.


2. Manage Leads

  1. On your LeadSquared account, navigate to Leads>Manage Leads. You will be able to view the list of leads on your Manage Leads page.
  2. On the upper right corner of the grid, click the Select Columns LeadSquared Lead Management button.
  3. Once the Select Lead Fields window opens, search and select the lead fields you want to view in the grid.
  4.  A list of all the lead fields (default and custom fields) present in your account will appear.
  5. Once you have selected the required lead fields, click Show Selected to view the lead fields on the Manage Leads page.
Note: This process is similar across the Manage Opportunities/Activities/Tasks pages.

LeadSquared Customise Columns


3. Smart Views

To customize columns in Smart Views, on the upper right corner, hover your cursor over the Actions menu and click Select Columns.

LeadSquared Smart Views


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