How to update your Lead location using the LeadSquared Mobile App?

The Update Lead Location feature of your LeadSquared mobile app allows you to update the location details of a Lead while visiting the Lead. The LeadSquared mobile app detects your current location and updates the Address field in the corresponding Lead Details page.


  • LeadSquared Android Mobile App version 5.2 higher.
  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared Android Mobile App.
  • Your mobile phone must have an active internet connection.


  • From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared mobile app, under menu, select Leads. The Lead List appears:

  • From the Lead List, select the required Lead. The Lead Details page of the corresponding Lead appears:

  • Click the  button in the Lead Details vCard as highlighted in the image below. An action menu appears:

  • Click Update Lead Location. A pop-up box appears which requests you to enable the location services or Global Positioning System (GPS) in your mobile phone (if you have not enabled your location services before):

  • Click Enable. Your location services are enabled and your current location is detected saved as your lead’s address.

  • Click Save on the top-right corner to save your address. The set address appears as a link in your Lead details vCard. This link gives you the location coordinates of your address which you can view using your Google Maps.

Note: You can change the location details by clicking Update Lead Location against the corresponding Lead

The location details can be added also when you are adding a Lead from the mobile app. Please see the below image for reference:

Note: Please note that the Address field must be enabled for your Mobile Lead Form. For more information on this, refer to Lead Form Customization


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