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How to update your Lead location using the LeadSquared Mobile App and use the My Location History Report?

The Update Lead Location feature of your LeadSquared mobile app allows you to update the location details of a Lead while visiting the Lead. The LeadSquared mobile app detects your current location and updates the Address field in the corresponding Lead Details page.


  • LeadSquared Android Mobile App version 5.2 higher.
  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared Android Mobile App.
  • Your mobile phone must have an active internet connection.


  • From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared mobile app, under menu, select Leads. The Lead List appears:

  • From the Lead List, select the required Lead. The Lead Details page of the corresponding Lead appears:

  • Click the  button in the Lead Details vCard as highlighted in the image below. An action menu appears:

  • Click Update Lead Location. A pop-up box appears which requests you to enable the location services or Global Positioning System (GPS) in your mobile phone (if you have not enabled your location services before):

  • Click Enable. Your location services are enabled and your current location is detected saved as your lead’s address.

  • Click Save on the top-right corner to save your address. The set address appears as a link in your Lead details vCard. This link gives you the location coordinates of your address which you can view using your Google Maps.

Note: You can change the location details by clicking Update Lead Location against the corresponding Lead

The location details can be added also when you are adding a Lead from the mobile app. Please see the below image for reference:

Note: Please note that the Address field must be enabled for your Mobile Lead Form. For more information on this, refer to Lead Form Customization

How to Use the My Location History Report?

The My Location History report allows you to track your route on the go, the distance you have covered and the activities you have posted along the route.

To access this report:

  • From the default dashboard menu, go to Reports -> User Productivity Reports -> My Location History. The My Location History report appears:

Here, by default, the Map view tab of the report appears as shown in the image above. Here you can view the following:

  • Routes you have taken
  • Checkin-Checkout locations
  • Activities posted from different locations

To view the details of the above:

  • To view the details of the Activity posted, tap on any of the blue pins.
  • To view your location history details, tap the List view tab on the right.

  • To filter by date, click the calendar icon on the top-right corner to view by Date. By default, you can view the location history of a day before.