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Permission Templates

The Permission Template feature of your LeadSquared settings allows you to decide the functionality to which each user shall have access within your LeadSquared account. This is achieved by setting up the permission template which allows you to define the access rights and assign to users at the following levels:

  • User Level
  • Role level
  • Group level

Use Case

Consider that you want to restrict a user from updating or deleting the Order Value field of a Lead. This can be achieved by removing the ‘update/delete’ permissions for that particular field in a template and applying it to the user.

You want to restrict the all roles except administrators from editing the Email field of a Lead. This can be achieved by removing the update permission for the Email field and applying it to all role types except administrator.


  • You should be logged into your LeadSquared account
  • You should be an administrator of your LeadSquared account
  • Lead Create, Update restrictions is licensed and is available for only Trial, Standard and Enterprise customers.

How to access Permission Templates

Note: You need to familiarize with the LeadSquared User Roles and Access Rights before you proceed further into this article.

You can do the following actions from the Permission Templates area:

Creating a permission template
Applying a permission template