Permission Templates

1. Feature Overview

Permission templates let you configure access rights for your users. They let you control who sees what and which users can edit, delete, export or import your data.
You can set up access control in 2 quick steps –

  1. Create a permission template to control access to features and actions.
  2. Apply that template at the user, role, or sales group level.

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Example Use Cases

With permission templates, you can restrict users from –

  • Viewing, creating, editing, deleting, exporting and importing leads
  • Viewing, creating, editing, deleting, exporting and importing opportunities
  • Viewing, creating, editing, deleting, exporting and importing accounts*
  • Creating, activating, editing and deactivating users#
  • Viewing, creating, editing, deleting and exporting activities
  • Viewing, creating, editing and deleting tasks
  • Accessing accounts, dashboards, reports, custom apps and APIs

You can also configure partial access and allow users to view/edit only certain lead fields/activity fields/tasks.



2. Prerequisites

  • You should be an administrator user.
  • The permission template feature is available on select plans. For more information, contact
  • To enable opportunities on your account, please write to


3. How to Access Permission Templates

From your dashboard, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Users and Permissions>Permission Templates

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