How to get LeadSquared Mobile App?

LeadSquared mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Click on the app store image to access it.

LeadSquared CRM

Google PlayStore

LeadSquared app for mobile helps marketers and sales people to manage their sales leads, find leads which are more likely to close, manage their sales follow-ups, analyze the lead data and view results of various marketing campaigns.



Features on Mobile


View your own lead list, corresponding lead details, activities and tasks. If you are a Marketer, Administrator or Sales Manager, you can view all the leads of the system too.

Actions on Leads

Edit leads and post activities on the leads


View your pending tasks, create tasks for yourself and mark them complete.


Learn how your recent email campaigns and most active landing pages are performing. Look at your marketing funnel. Get a list of most engaged leads. See how your users are using LeadSquared.

You will need a valid LeadSquared Account to login into the app.  If you are new to LeadSquared, you can sign-up on our website.

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