Image Linked Check-in and Check-out

1. Feature Overview

Admins can enable the Image linked Check-in/out setting for a more stringent approach to attendance registration. With this feature, users will be asked to capture a photo of themselves (selfie) during the check-in/check-out process.

Note: Image validation is currently not supported. The images captured during check-in/out are not included in the reports yet. To receive reports of the pictures captured by your users, contact your account manager or reach out to


2. Enable Image Linked Check-in and Check-out

To enable this feature –

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Additional Settings.
  2. Under App Related, alongside Image linked Check-in/out, click the dropdown and select the relevant option –
    • Check-in only – image capture will be mandatory only during check-in.
    • Check-out only – image capture will be mandatory only during check-out.
    • Both Check-in and Check-out – image capture will be mandatory during check-in and check-out.
Note: Set the Location Tracking Accuracy as V2-High for this feature to work.

LeadSquared - Image linked check-in and check-out


3. Face Detection During Check-in

  • When users tap the Capture Image button, the front camera opens automatically.
  • The system immediately attempts to detect a face in the image. If no face is detected within 3 seconds, an error message “Face not detected” is displayed, and the capture button remains disabled until a face is detected. This ensures that only valid selfies are captured.
  • Once a face is successfully detected, users can proceed to capture the selfie and complete the check-in or check-out process securely.

LeadSquared - Image capture


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