Update Existing Opportunity through Forms when Duplicate Opportunity is Detected

1. Feature Overview

If a Sales User or a Lead attempts to create an Opportunity through Dynamic Forms, and the Opportunity is identified as a Duplicate (based on the configured Duplication logic for that Opportunity Type), the Form will display an error message stating “Duplicate Opportunity detected.”

Now, the feature explained in this article will allow the Form to be Submitted when a duplicate opportunity is detected while simultaneously updating the existing opportunity. 

For example, consider a student who has enrolled in a Data Science certification course for the Summer intake. But, due to certain reasons, the student wants to change their intake to Spring. The existing Data Science opportunity (with the Summer intake) can now be updated to the Spring intake through Dynamic Forms.



2. Prerequisites


3. Update Existing Opportunity when Duplicate Opportunity is Detected

Navigate to Form Settings>Additional Settings and enable Allow Form Submission when Duplicate Opportunity is Detected by togglingtoggle.  You will be presented with three Form behaviors when a duplicate Opportunity is detected –

  1. Update All Fields – Once the Form is submitted, this will update all the Opportunity Field values present in the Form.
  2. Do Not Update – Once the Form is submitted, this will not update any Opportunity Field values present in the Form.
  3. Update If Empty – Once the Form is submitted, this will update Opportunity Field values that were empty before the Form submission and the user has now added values for.
    1. For example, if an Opportunity Field City did not have a value, then through the Form, you can update the value for the City Field. But, no other field that has an existing value can be updated.
Note: In our example in the Feature Overview section, we have selected the Update All Fields option. This will allow us to update the existing Opportunity with the updated fields submitted through the Dynamic Form.

update setting


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