Initiate the KYC Process using the IDfy Connector

1. Feature Overview

This article is to help end users initiate the KYC Process for your leads.

Note: This article is intended for the agent (LeadSquared user) initiating/performing the KYC process. It is assumed that the IDfy Connector has already been installed and configured in your LeadSquared account.


2. Prerequisites

  • The IDfy Connector must be installed and configured in your account.
  • If your end user is working on a 2-way KYC process, they must be logged in to the IDfy Agent Portal, and their Status must be set to Online.

IDfy integration with LeadSquared


3. Initiate KYC

To initiate the KYC Process for a lead –

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads, and click on the lead you want to carry out the KYC process.
  2. On the Lead Details page, hover your cursor over the Lead Actions button, and click on the initiate KYC action that was created on your account.
  3. On the KYC Form, enter the relevant details, and from the Trigger Video KYC dropdown, select True.
  4. Once you’re done, depending on how the Form was configured, you’ll be able to view the Email Status or the capture link.
Note: To know more, refer to All you must know about a Video KYC Process.

Example – SEBI Compliant 1-way Video KYC

IDfy integration with LeadSquared

An email link to complete the KYC verification is sent to your lead. If a 2-way KYC verification flow is configured the agent must login to the IDfy agent portal to perform the video KYC process.

IDfy integration with LeadSquared


Example – Aadhar Document Fetch via Digilocker

LeadSquared IDfy KYC Integration

A link to authenticate the Digilocker account is sent to the lead’s email address.

LeadSquared KYC Integration IDFy

The lead’s details will be updated with the Aadhaar information from Digilocker.

LeadSquared Idfy KYC Integration


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