Lead Location Updater App

The Lead Location Updater App of LeadSquared allows you to update the address fields of a lead into location co-ordinates. The App converts the address into latitudes and longitudes based on the address present in the following address fields:

  • mx_Street1
  • mx_Street2
  • mx_City
  • mx_State
  • mx_Country
  • mx_Zip

The location is identified and converted into coordinates using the Google Geocoding API.

Features and Benefits
  • Identify leads near you in the LeadSquared mobile app.
  • Locate leads directly on Google maps and other location tracking applications.


  • You should be an administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • You should have the Google Geocoding API key. To get this, go to the below URL:



To install the connector:

  • From the default dashboard of your LeadSquared account, go to Apps -> Apps MarketplaceThe MarketPlace window appears:

  • In the left pane, select Mobile -> Lead Location Updater App. The Lead Location Updater App appears:

  • Click Add Connector. The Connector is installed.


Once the connector is installed, the Settings tab appears in the connector window.

  • Click Settings -> Configure. The Configure Lead Location Updater App pop-up box appears:

  • Enter your Google Maps Geocoding API key here which you had generated previously and click Save Settings.

The configuration is completed with the message highlighted in the image above. The location coordinates of leads with address is completed in the background.

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