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Manage Activities

1. Feature Overview

This article focuses on how you can manage and associate Sales/Custom Activities to your leads. The Manage Activities page lets you –

  • Segregate leads who have been part of a specific type of business activity (home visit, site visit, phone conversation, etc.)
  • Search for leads using activity statuses, lead owners or activity date ranges.


2. Manage Activities Page

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Leads>Manage Activities.
  2. You can customize the activity list grid to display the columns you want to view. You can even view lead fields in the grid. Click the menu bar on the top-right corner of the grid.
  3. Click the Show All option to view Lead Fields in addition to activity fields. Select the fields you want to view in the grid by clicking the corresponding checkboxes. Then click Show Selected.

Manage Activities GIF


3. Advanced Search

This lets you filter through a large number of activities on the basis of lead and activity attributes. It works the exact same way as the Lead Advanced Search Feature. However, on the Manage Leads page, you have to go into each Lead Details page to view the activity details, whereas here you can directly expand an Activity and see its details on the same page.

In this example, we’re using the Advanced Search to see how many Inbound Phone Call Activities we’ve received for Bangalore leads –

  1. On the Manage Activities page, choose the activity you want to view from the Activity Type from the drop-down.
  2. Click the Advanced Search button.
  3. On the Advanced Search pop-up, set up your search criteria, then click Add. (E.g., Lead City is Bangalore)
  4. Then click Find Activities. You’ll now see the list of all activities matching your search criteria.

Activity Management


4. Add Activities

You can add custom or sales activities to leads from the Manage Activities page.

4.1 Choosing Activities You Want to Add

To add a particular activity, you have to first filter the page by that activity type. So if you want to add a sales activity, first select Sales Activity from the Activity Type drop-down, then you’ll see the Add Sales Activity button appear on the right side of the page –

New Sales Activity

If the activity type you want to add isn’t showing up in the Activity Type drop-down, then –

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Customization>Custom Activities & Scores, and under Action, click on Edit to edit the activity.
  2. Then select the Show in Activity List checkbox. Save the settings before returning to the manage activities page.
  3. The custom activity will now be visible in the Activity Type drop-down.

Display activity in manage activities


4.2 Adding the Activity

All activities you add will be displayed on the Manage Activities page as well as the corresponding Lead Details page. Once you’ve filtered by the activity you want to add –

  1. Click the Add Activity button  (changes depending on the activity you filter by) on the right side of the page.
  2. On the Add Activity pop-up, enter all relevant details, and then click Add.

Add Activity Popup


5. Importing Activities

You can import an activity through a CSV file* similar to how you import leads. Importing will only create activities and won’t work for updating them. Before you import activities, you should know-

  • Which activity type you’re looking to import. You can only import activities pertaining to one activity type.
    For example, you can import multiple entries of a sales activity or you can import multiple instances of a custom activity, but you can’t import both sales and custom activity types with one CSV file.
  • How the fields in your CSV will match the fields of that activity type. You’ll have to do the mapping after uploading the file.

* Max file size allowed – 10 MB. Max rows allowed – 25,000.

5.1 Custom Activities

  1. The CSV file you upload must have only one lead identifier and it is mandatory. It could be either the Lead Number or Prospect Id/Lead Id or Email or Phone. However, if you’ve set uniqueness for some other lead field (PAN number, Social Security Number, etc.), then you can use this as the identifier as well.
  2. Activity Date is mandatory. You can choose the format while mapping your CSV to the activity type fields.
  3. For the activity owner, you can pass the User Id or the user’s Email Address.
  4. You don’t have to pass custom fields in the CSV even if you’ve set them as mandatory manually.

5.2 Custom Activities with Custom Field Sets

In addition to the points listed under custom activities, the field names of the Custom Field Sets in your CSV/excel file must be named as follows*

<Activity Field Name> – <CFS Field Name>

For example, if the activity display name is “KYC Collection” and the custom field set name is “Street Address Line 1”, your corresponding CSV field should be named-

KYC Collection – Street Address Line 1


  • If you do not follow the naming convention prescribed above, the fields will not get auto-mapped. However, they will still be available to be mapped manually.
  • File type fields cannot be imported.

5.3 Sales Activities

  1. Points 1 and 2 from Custom Activities are relevant, plus –
  2. Sales Owner is mandatory, you can pass the User Id or the user’s Email Address.
  3. Product is mandatory. You can either pass the Product Id available through this API or the product SKU available on the UI under the Id column.
  4. Order is mandatory.

5.4 Import Procedure

Follow steps 1 to 4 to Import Activities for an activity type –

1. Upload the CSV file

  1. On the Manage Activities page, click the Import Activities button.
    • If you want to download a sample file, on the Import Activities pop-up, click the Download Sample CSV link.
    • Or you could directly upload a CSV by dragging and dropping it into the pop-up or clicking the select a file from your computer link.
  2. Once the file has been uploaded, click Next.

Import activity csv

2. Map the CSV File Columns to the Activity Type Fields

  1. Select the type of activity you want to import from the drop-down.
  2. Map the fields in the CSV file to the activity type fields. The first row marked in grey is the lead identifier. Choose the appropriate field in the CSV that matches the identifiers in the activity type fields (Lead Number, Prospect Id, Email, Phone).
  3. Click Next when you’re done.

Activity Mapping

3. Review the validation report –
The validation report will show you errors in your mapping configurations. You can-

  1. Fix these errors and re-upload the CSV
  2. Ignore the errors and continue. If you do so, activities won’t be created for the rows which contained errors.

Import Errors

4. Check the status of your import –
Your import request is now successfully queued. Click the link shown below to view the status of the import. You’ll also be notified by email once the import is complete.

Import Status


6. Exporting Activities

You can also export activities to a CSV file. To do so –

  1. Under the Actions menu, click Export Activities.
  2. On the Export Activities pop-up, choose whether you want to all fields or selected fields. If you want to export selected fields, click the corresponding checkbox, then click the Choose Fields link.
  3. Click Export when you’re done.

Note: All date-time fields you export will be displayed in the time zone configured in your LeadSquared account. You can edit the time zone and other profile settings here.

Exporting Activities

Note: You can also export fields of a custom field set. However, file type fields cannot be exported.


7. Bulk Updates

This is especially helpful for users who work on activities rather than leads. With this feature, you can update activity fields in bulk by selecting the checkboxes alongside the records you want to update and then clicking the Bulk Update under the Actions menu.

Note: You can update a maximum of 1,000 activities at a time.

Activity Bulk Update

On the Bulk Update pop up, select the activity field and the new value, click Update and your changes will be applied to all selected records.


Any Questions?

Is there anything more you’d like to know about managing activities? Have any experiences or grievances you’d like to share? Go ahead and use the comment section below.