Distance Travelled Report

1. Feature Overview

The Distance Travelled Report connector enables you to track and monitor the distance travelled (in kilometres) by your field sales users on a particular day. It also captures the distance covered based on the activities users post from various locations, through the LeadSquared mobile app.

To know more, refer to Distance Travelled Report connector.

Note: The accuracy for the distance covered increases with an increase in the number of activities your user’s post.

LeadSquared Distance Travelled Report Connector


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the administrator of your LeadSquared account to install and configure this connector.
  • Your users must have the LeadSquared app installed on their mobile devices, and location permission access must be enabled. To know more, please refer to Location Tracking on LeadSquared Mobile.
  • If you choose to configure the connector using the Google Direction Maps API, you must provide your Google Map API Key.
  • The mobile app’s Location Accuracy must be set to Best. To do this –
    1. On the app, tap Hamburger, and then tap LeadSquared Android App Updates.
    2. On the Settings screen, tap Battery Usage Settings.
    3. From the Location Accuracy slider, select Best.


3. How it Works

This connector calculates the distance covered using the Haversine Formula or the Google Direction Maps API.

  • The Haversine Formula measures the displacement between the latitude and longitude coordinates (i.e., your user’s start and end points) to calculate the distance covered. In other words, it’s a bird’s eye view of the distance covered.
  • The Google Direction Maps API records the latitude and longitude coordinates, and returns the distance travelled by your users, by assuming a specific path of travel.
Note: For higher distance covered accuracy, we recommend you configure the connector using Google Direction Maps API.


4. Install the Connector

To install the Distance Travelled Report connector on your account –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace.
  2. Search for Distance Travelled Report, and click Install.
    • Alternatively, you can find the connector on the left panel, under Analytics.
  3. On the Configure Distance Travelled Report pop-up, select the distance calculation method you want the connector to follow.
    • If you select Google Direction Map API, in the box provided, enter your Google Map API key.
  4.  Once you’re done, click Save. The connector is successfully installed and configured.

LeadSquared's Distance Travelled Report


5. Generate Report

Once the connector is installed, to generate and view reports, navigate to Apps>Distance Reports. On the Distance Report page, you can –

  • Sort the report based on –
    • Name
    • Distance covered
  • You can also apply date-range filters on the report.
  • Export the report, by clicking on Export.
    • To download the report from LeadSquared, after you click Export, click Download.
    • You will also receive the report on the email Id linked to your LeadSquared account.
    • The report contains the details of your users’ First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Distance Covered.
  • Show up to 200 entries on a single page.


  • Organization Hierarchy filter is not supported in the report.
  • If you select a filter for multiple days, the total (aggregated) distance is displayed.
  • The report sent to you via email will be available for download for only 6 hours.
  • The report is updated every 24 hours, at 2 AM (as per the Time Zone configured in your account).
  • To view the updated report for today, you must wait until 2 AM.
  • The maximum date filter you can apply to display details is 31 days (e.g., March 1st to March 31st, June 1st to June 30th, etc.)
  • The reports will not work as expected unless users regularly post activities, with mobile location enabled.
  • Users will be able to view all the distance travelled reports available in the account.

LeadSquared Distance Travelled Report Connector


6. View Report on the Mobile App

The Distance Travelled Report can also be viewed on the LeadSquared Android and iOS mobile apps. Before you configure the Report for the mobile app, install the Custom Menus for Mobile App.

From the web app 

  1. After the Custom Menus for Mobile App is installed, hover your cursor over settings, and click Configure.
  2. On the Configure Custom Menus for Mobile App pop-up, click Add Custom Menu.
  3. Enter the following details –
    • Title – Provide a relevant title for the menu, like “Distance Travelled Report”.
    • URL – Here, enter the following URL – https://ui-distancetravelled-report.customapps02.leadsquared.com/?orgId=@{Account:ShortCode , }&accessKey=@{User:AccessKey , }&secretKey=@{User:SecretKey , }
    • Visible for – From the dropdown, select which users who’ll be able to view the Distance Travelled Report.
  4. Once you’re done, click Save.

LeadSquared's Distance Travelled Report


From the mobile app 

  1. Open your LeadSquared mobile app, and from the main menu, tap Sync.
  2. The custom menu you created will be visible. Tap on it to view the Distance Travelled Report.
Note: From the mobile app, if you tap Export, the report will be sent to your registered email Id. You can export and download the report from your email inbox.

LeadSquared's Distance Travelled Report


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