List Actions

You can perform the following actions from an already created list. Please note that the actions available from the list depends on whether the list is static or dynamic.

List Actions Available for Static Lists

  • Quick Add Lead 
  • Add New Lead 
  • Edit 
  • Add More Leads 
  • Delete 
  • Delete All Leads 
  • Send Email
  • Update All Leads
  • Send SMS
  • Add Tag to List
  • Tag All Leads

List Actions Available for Dynamic Lists

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Hide
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Add Tag To List
  • Tag All Leads

To do this:

  • From the default leadsquared dashboard, go to Leads -> Manage Lists and click the required list. The List Details window appears.

Quick Add Lead

Allows you to add leads to the list from the list details window.

quick add lead

Add New Lead

Allows you to add new leads to the list with all the details in the Add New Lead pop-up box.

add new lead


Allows you to edit a list in the Edit List pop-up box.

Add More Leads

Allows you to add more leads into a static list from the Add More Leads pop-up box.

add more leads


Allows you to delete the list.

Delete All Leads

Allows you to delete the leads from the list and from the system as well. Click Delete All Leads and the below pop-up box appears.

delete all leads

Send Email

Allows you to send Email to all the leads in the list.

send email

Update Leads

Allows you to update a lead field in the list with a new value from the Update Leads pop-up box. The new lead value applies to all the leads in the list.

Example: If City is updated with the new value Bangalore, it is applied to all the leads in the list.

update leads

Send SMS

Allows you to send SMS to all the leads in the list from the Send SMS pop-up box.

send sms

For more information on how to send SMS, refer to Sending SMS through LeadSquared.

Add Tag to List

Allows you to add tags to the list.


Tags All Leads

Allows you to apply tags to all the leads in the list.


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