Enhancements Across Portals, Forms and Processes, and APIs

Among other updates, you can now capture UTM parameters in portals, remove the LeadSquared branding from portals, and dynamically update currency while accepting payments from different geographies through Forms.



  • Performance Improvements
    We’ve optimized forms to load faster in Portals. Re-publish your Portals to experience the improvements.
  • Capture UTM Parameters
    Registration forms will now capture UTM parameters (source, source medium, source campaign, source term, etc.). You can view them against portal registration activities posted in the Activity History tab on the Lead Details page.

registration activity utm parameters

  • Remove LeadSquared Branding
    To remove the ‘Powered by LeadSquared’ branding (or to hide banner) from your Portals, contact your account manager, or write to support@leadsquared.com.

portals branding


Forms and Processes

We’ve enhanced the payments functionality in Forms to support dynamically changing the currency. This will help you accept payments in different geographies. You can set up the feature by writing a LeadSquared Lapp, or through Mavis DB or API. To learn more, see How to Add a Payment Gateway to a Form.


User Management API

Through the Get User Hierarchy Information API, you can now fetch information from only specific user fields (such as Employee ID, Date of Birth, etc.), by passing an additional Columns object, containing the Schema Names of user fields, as follows –