LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v14.1)

The latest updates for our app, available on the Google PlayStore.


From the mobile app, you can now add To-do and Appointment type tasks through LeadSquared Forms. To know more, refer to How to Add Tasks to a Form.

LeadSquared Android App updates


Custom Tabs

On the Account Details screen, through Custom Tabs, you can now fetch and display data from external sources. To know more, refer to Custom Tab Connector.

LeadSquared Android App updates


Advanced Configurations

Enables restricting Operations on Closed Opportunities (Won/Lost) – This setting restricts users from posting any updates, or any activities/tasks on a closed opportunity. Once enabled, you can configure individual opportunities to restrict user operations. To enable this setting, refer to Advanced Configurations – Restrict Operations on Closed Opportunities.

LeadSquared Android App updates