LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – iOS (v15.8)

Date and Time Update During Check-in/Check-out

Previously, the device’s local time was utilized for recording the user’s check-in/check-out time. This resulted in inaccurate check-in/check-out recordings as some users may have manipulated their device’s time. Now the user would be prevented from checking in and out of the mobile app if their device’s date and time have been modified, with a permissible range of plus or minus 2 minutes.

LeadSquared - time restrictions during check in


Geofencing in My Trips

Geofencing is now supported in the Start work area in My Trips. With this feature, user will not be able to start the task until they are near the assigned location.

LeadSquared - geofencing in my trips


UI Enhancements

Previously, when a file was uploaded to CFS, a progress bar was displayed to indicate the ongoing upload process for each file. Now, we have enhanced the UI to show the user clear and comprehensive status updates during the uploading process.

LeadSquared - cfs set upload