Platform Updates – Ytterbium 2

Authentication – Trust Device

With the Trusted Devices feature, users can log into their LeadSquared account without verifying themselves through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) each time. Trusting a device will help you save time during log-ins.

trust device


Add Tags to Emails

You can now add tags to email templates while creating or editing them. You can create new tags or select an existing one while drafting your email.

LeadSquared - Tags in email


Filter Emails by Tag

You can retrieve email templates by searching for the specific tags associated with them.

LeadSquared - Search by tag


Manage Tags in Email Library

In the email templates grid, alongside the email template name, if you hover your cursor over tags icon, you can view all the tags associated with the template. You can also add new tags or delete tags here. The Manage Tags action can also be used to perform the same.

LeadSquared - add tags in email library


Use Templates in Email Composer

You can now use email templates while drafting an email by clicking on Use Template. On the Use Template pop-up, you can filter the templates by their tags. You can also add or remove tags while saving the template. To enable this feature, contact your account manager or reach out to us at

LeadSquared - Use Template button


Owner Signature Mail Merge Field in Opportunity Emails

You can now add an Owner Signature mail merge field in one-to-one emails to opportunities.


Masking Lead Fields in Automation Reports

The Lead fields that are masked via the Permission Templates are masked in the Automation Reports as well. The values will be masked from all the action cards and from the post data in the trigger, Call Lapp, and Webhook cards

lead field


Wait Until Cards Enhancement

In the Wait Until Workday, Wait Until Activity, and Wait Until cards, users will now be able to configure if the automation should Continue to the next action(s) or Exit the automation.

For example, if the payment activity is not posted within 5 minutes after an order is placed, the automation can Continue to the next action to send a reminder notification to the lead, or you can choose to Exit the automation

wait card continue exit


Maximum Limits for Wait Cards in Automation

The following Automation Wait Cards: Wait, Wait Advanced, Wait Until, Wait Until Activity, Wait Until Workday, and Split Test will have minimum and maximum limits as follows –

  • Minute(s): Minimum – 1, Maximum – 1000
  • Hour(s): Minimum – 1, Maximum – 1000
  • Day(s): Minimum – 1, Maximum – 365
  • Week(s): Minimum – 1, Maximum – 52
  • Months(s): Minimum – 1, Maximum – 12
  • Years(s): Minimum – 1, Maximum – 1


UTC Call Log Enhancement

When a call goes unanswered the Call Log Status will now display NotAnswered, and the activity will be described as Did not answer a call. To enable this feature on your account, please contact

Telephony Not Answered


New UTC Click2Call Mail Merge Parameter

Admins can now use the @VirtualNumberTag mail merge parameter on the Click2Call UTC configuration.

virtual number tag

This will help you mail merge campaign names being used as tags.

virtual number tag use


Restrict Duplicate Agent Popups in Ozonetel

The Ozonetel Agent Popup API has been enhanced to prevent duplicate popups in case of call transfers. To enable this feature on your account, please contact


Improved Ozonetel Call Disposition

The Ozonetel call disposition process has been improved. This change improves call session tracking to check who disposed of the call in the case of call transfers. To enable this feature on your account, please contact


Support for User Fields as Mail Merge Parameters in Call Disposition

Users now have the flexibility to utilize all user fields as mail merge parameters in the UTC Call Disposition API. 

For example, you can use EmailAddress=@{User:emailAddress,} to incorporate the email address of the user into your communications.

all user fields