Platform Updates – Lutetium 2

Auto Retry Mechanism for Agent Popup

The Auto Retry mechanism is now available for new Agent Pop-up implementations. The mechanism will retry the Agent Popup every 3 seconds to avoid scenarios where the pop-up hasn’t loaded successfully. To enable this feature, contact


Outbound Call Recording on Exotel V2 Connector

Outbound call recording was initially enabled by default on the Exotel V2 Connector. However, there was a recent change implemented by Exotel, resulting in the call recording being turned off.

Now, the outbound call recording has been re-enabled by default on the Exotel V2 Connector.


Advance Search on Custom Opportunity Tab Connector

The Advanced Search filter is now available on the Custom Opportunity Tab Connector.

Custom Opp Tab Search

This feature enables you to set specific search filters, ensuring that your custom Opportunity tab displays the desired results. To enable this, contact

Custom Opp Tab Search show


Enhancement for Opportunity Update V2 API

Fixed the issue of an Automation not triggering when the Opportunity is updated via the V2 API with AutoID as a unique identifier in the API payload.


Offline Form in Mobile App

Previously, if Associated Lead Field was added to a form, it became offline incompatible. Now, this field is offline compatible and hence can be added to offline forms.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the Multi If/Else card did not evaluate as expected for Date/DateTime fields with the This Month filter when the field value is 31st of the respective month.
  • Fixed the issue where the Advanced Search did not work as expected when Notes field contained single quotes in it.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Allow Auto Update’ option appears only if the ‘Others’ option is selected in the LOS dropdown of opportunity.
  • Fixed a bug where the dedup was not getting triggered when rule is set on CreatedOn with “Last N Days” operator.
  • Fixed the bug related to email attachments not getting delivered to the custom lead email fields.
  • Fixed the bug related to “Save as Template” should not be shown in email editors if Content is restricted in Permission template.