Preview and Download Forms

1. Feature Overview

You can enable your users and leads to preview and download forms. A special ‘Preview’ field is available in the form builder, that allows them to view the information they’ve entered before form submission. It also enables them to download a PDF version of the form, to ensure all the details entered are accurate. This helps your leads avoid making errors while submitting a form, and also caters to use cases where forms need to be downloaded and physically submitted.  For example, when your leads fill college applications, when your users fill loan applications, contracts, etc.


  • You can upload your own custom HTML template to customize the look and feel of the preview form.
  • To know more about LeadSquared forms, see How to Create a Form.



2. Prerequisite

You must be an administrator of your LeadSquared account.


3. Process

To enable the preview and download option on your forms –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Workflow>Manage Forms, and click Create Forms (for more information, refer to How to Create a Form).
  2. Once you’ve added the required fields and other details on the form, click Add Form Tab to add a new tab.
  3. Give the tab a relevant name, and from the Special Fields section on the left side, add the Preview option.
  4. Click Click to configure and configure the form through the Configure Preview properties panel.
  5. After configuring the form, click Preview, present on the top-right corner of your screen.


  • When configuring a preview and download form for the LeadSquared mobile app, enable the Use Custom Template setting.
  • Only the following settings are configurable when creating the form for the mobile app –
    • Preview Layout
    • Show Images in Preview
    • Allow Download
    • Save
    • Hide by Default


Preview Field PropertiesDescription
Display NameGive the form preview field a relevant display name.
Show HeaderToggle the enable icon slider if you choose to display the header while previewing the form.
Preview LayoutChoose whether to display the form in a single-column view or two-column view while previewing a default template.
Download HTML TemplateIf you want to customize the preview form, you can download the default HTML template and make the necessary changes.
Hide Empty Fields in PreviewToggle the enable icon slider if you want to hide empty form fields when previewing the form.
Show Images in PreviewToggle the enable icon slider if you want to display images when previewing the form.
Use Custom TemplateToggle the enable icon slider if you want to use a custom HTML template. You can upload the template by clicking Upload HTML Template.
Allow DownloadToggle the enable icon slider if you want to enable form download while previewing it.
  • Save to Submission Activity
    When a lead submits a form, a ‘Form Submission’ activity is posted against the lead (on the lead details page). Toggle theenable icon slider to make the form available as a PDF document under the activity.
  • Save to Field
    When a lead submits a form, it is saved as a PDF file to the field that’s selected here. Only Custom Field Set Fields that accept PDF files will appear for selection here. The form will be available for download from this field.
Hide by DefaultToggle the enable icon slider if you want to hide the preview form.

Once you’ve added all the necessary details, click Publish. This will make your form live.


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