pVerify Healthcare Insurance Verification Connector Set-up for Sales Users

1. Feature Overview

Once the pVerify Connector is installed in your account, you can –

  • View Comprehensive Reports – Containing all the necessary details like copay amounts, insurance plan details, active or inactive status, network status, etc.
  • Download Reports – Navigate to the Lead Details page to download the insurance eligibility report as a PDF file.
  • Reduces Turnaround Time – Capture copay details and co-insurance details for multiple services (in-office visits, physical therapy, doctor’s lab services, etc.) in a single verification request.
Note: This article is to help Sales Users view insurance eligibility reports directly in their LeadSquared accounts. Admin Users can also follow the steps listed below to view these reports.

LeadSquared pVerify Integration


2. Prerequisite

Admin Users must install and configure the pVerify Healthcare Insurance Verification Connector in your LeadSquared account.


3. View Insurance Eligibility Reports

Activity History Tab

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads, and click on a lead you want to generate the report for.
  2. On the Lead Details page, hover your cursor over the Lead Actions menu, and under Custom Actions, click on the report view action created in your account (e.g., Generate Reports).
  3. Refresh the page after a couple of minutes. Filter by the Insurance Eligibility Report custom activity type, which is posted as an activity under the Activity History tab.
  4. To view the report, click View Files.
  5. To download the report, click Download.

pVerify LeadSquared Connector

Documents Tab

Alternatively, on the Lead Details page, you can view the Insurance Eligibility Report from the Documents tab. To download the selected report, hover your cursor on the report, and click Download.

pVerify LeadSquared Connector


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