Referral Portal

1. Feature Overview

LeadSquared’s Referral Portal is a simple online portal for your users, resellers, affiliates, and partners to refer and track leads through the different stages of the sales funnel. You can also build models for incentives and rewards for your referrers, and display this on the portal.

All portals are responsive and can be used on mobile devices.

Note: This feature was deprecated on February 2023. If you require a similar use case, please get in touch with your account manager or write an email to

LeadSquared's Referral Portal

Note: This feature does not require any installation and setup from your end.


2. Prerequisites


3. Basic Functionality

The portal comes built with a dashboard to track all referrals and basic functionality like adding leads individually, and in bulk.

3.1 Add Leads Individually

LeadSquared forms are configured to enable you to add leads individually from the dashboard.

LeadSquared's Referral Portal


3.2 Bulk Leads

Upload a CSV file (containing lead data) to add leads in bulk to the Referral Portal.

LeadSquared's Referral Portal


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1 year ago

Hi. Is a duplication check done during entry in referral form?