Send Nudges on Your Goals

1. Feature Overview

A Nudge sends a timely reminder to Sales Managers and Sales Users on the performance and progress of their Goals. It’s a great way to motivate users to complete their Goals.

If you’re new to the Goals feature, see LeadSquared Goals.


  • This article will show you how to configure a Progress Nudge.
  • For now, you can only send Nudges to users through emails. Stay tuned, the option to send a Nudge to Mobiles and Carter will be released soon!


2. Prerequisites

  • Only Admins, and users who have reportees under them, can configure a Nudge. For more information, see How to Configure User Hierarchy.
  • You must have a Goal that has been published.


3. How it Works

  1. Navigate to the Manage Nudges page.
  2. Filter the Goals you have published.
  3. Now, you have the option to enable or disable the Nudge, edit its frequency, and preview the messaging.


4. Configuring a Nudge

Navigate to Ace>Goals>Managed by Me>Manage Nudges>Progress Nudge.

Nudges goals navigation

Filter down the Goals that have been published. You can only create nudges for published goals –

Cycle TypeSelect the Cycle Type of the Goal you are configuring the Nudge for.
Goal StatusYou can choose to view all Goals, Published Goals that are in progress, or Goals that have been published but are yet to start.
Goal OwnerSelect a user who is the Goal Owner. Or, choose to see all Goal Owners.
TemplatesSelect the appropriate Goal Ruleset for the Goal. Or, choose to see all Rulesets.
Note: Only Admins have access to the Goal Owner and Templates filter.

Nudges goal filter

Once you have filtered the Goal you want to configure, click on nudge goal edit Edit.

Nudges goals edit

Note: You can also choose to configure similar Goal Cycle Nudges in bulk.

Nudges goal bulk edit

You can enable or disable a Nudge for the Goal by toggling nudge switch toggle ON/OFF – Progress Nudge. Once enabled, the Goal owner and all users that have been assigned this particular Goal will receive the Nudge.

nudge switch on or off

The Select Platform options let you choose the medium through which a Nudge will be sent. For now, only the Email option is available to use – Mobile and Carter will be released soon.

Nudge select platforms

The Set Nudge Time and Send Nudge On options let you choose the frequency of your nudge.

Nudges goals frequency


  • You can choose to send a Nudge 7 days a week.
  • You can only choose to send Nudges through pre-set nudge timings. Refer to the table below for Nudge timings on different cycles.

Nudge Timings

Once you have configured your Nudge, click Apply Changes & Close.

Nudge goals save

Click on Preview to preview the Nudge. You can toggle between the Nudge preview for the Sales Manager and Sales User.

Note: At present, the nudge’s message content cannot be changed.

Nudge goals preview


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