Service Groups

1. Feature Overview

After configuring Service User roles in your account, organise them into groups based on common attributes, such as the regions they cover (Mumbai, Delhi, etc.), the products they handle (home loans, education loans, etc.), the priority level at which tickets are assigned to them (High, Low, etc,) and so on. Once Service Groups are created, manually assign tickets or automatically through Ticket Assignment Rules and Automations.

LeadSquared Service CRM


2. Prerequisites

  • Service CRM is a paid feature. To enable it, contact your account manager, or write to
  • You must be a Service CRM Admin to create Service Groups.


3. Create Service Groups

To create a Service Group in your ac1count –

  1. Log in to LeadSquared (, and navigate to My Profile>Settings>Service Cloud.
  2. Under User Management, click Service Groups.
  3. On the Service Groups screen, click Create Service Group.

LeadSquared Service CRM

3.1 Basic Details

Here, enter the following details –

  • Group Name – An internal identification name for the group. This is mandatory. Examples of group names can include Mumbai Region, Escalated Tickets, Loan Closure Tickets, etc.
  • Description – A description of the group.

Once you’re done, click Next.

LeadSquared Service CRM

3.2 Select Members

Once you’ve added the basic details, add the Service Users to your group and click Save. The group is now live. You can create multiple Service Groups following the same process.

LeadSquared Service CRM

3.3 Other Actions

Click LeadSquared Service CRM to perform the following actions on a Service Group that’s live –

  • Edit – Let’s you update the Basic Details and list of members in the group.
  • Delete – Deletes the group. This will not impact the status of the agents within the group.

LeadSquared Service CRM


4. Next Steps

Manually assign tickets or configure Assignment Rules or Automations to assign tickets to Service Groups.


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