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Share a Lead

“Share a lead” is a feature which allows you to share a lead’s information with your users (active Leadsquared Users) over email. While you share the lead, an email will be sent to your colleague with the basic details of the lead.

Note: To give a user temporary view or edit access to a lead, see How to Share Leads for a Limited Duration.

To share a lead, Go to Manage Leads Page then click on actions button adjacent to the lead which you are willing to share the with your colleague.


Once you click on share button, a pop up will be shown to mention your users information with whom you would like to share the lead details with as shown in the below image

Share lead

Once you click on Share button an email will be sent to the mentioned email address with the basic details of the lead as shown below.

test 2

Now your colleague can access the lead by just clicking on the link in the email sent to him, which will display the lead information in Leadsquared.