SSL Certificate for Landing Pages

By default, LeadSquared’s landing pages work on https, on our internal domain. If you’d like your landing pages to support custom domains for SSL (such as, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM), or write to We have a backend process to help set-up the SSL certificate on your custom domain.

We use Amazon Certificate Manager and AWS issued certificates to set-up custom domains.


  • There’s a cost involved in obtaining SSL certificates through LeadSquared. For more details, please reach out to your LeadSquared CSM.
  • We currently do not support SSL certificates purchased outside of LeadSquared.


To set up SSL certificates on your custom domain –

  1. You must –
    • Provide the list of subdomains used for your landing pages, on which SSL needs to be supported.
    • Identify the point of contact (within your organization), who can make changes in the DNS of your custom domain.
  2. Once the list is provided and our support/success teams are connected with the point of contact, we will provide a CNAME record, which must be added in your domain. This CNAME record is generated by Amazon Certificate Manager, and allows Amazon to issue certificates to us once the CNAME is correctly added.
  3. Once the certificates are issued, there is another internal step for us to deploy the certificate for your landing pages.
  4. Once that is done, there is one more CNAME record change that will be advised to point the landing page subdomains from to something else. This will now enable SSL on all your landing pages.



  • In the LeadSquared web application, http URLs will continue to be visible. However, after completion of the above steps, all the landing pages will work on http and https.
  • It is not possible to configure automatic redirection of pages to https from our end.
  • The domain settings page will show a broken link/DNS setup and that can be ignored for the landing page domains configured through these steps.

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