Landing Pages: Features and Benefits

LeadSquared’s Landing Page module offers powerful features to design and publish conversion optimized landing pages. It helps you design and publish custom landing pages in a matter of minutes.


  • Use LeadSquared’s built-in  templates to easily create landing pages.
  • Create landing pages by selecting published landing page as a template. Do needed changes and publish it.
  • Create Landing page from scratch using Landing Page Editor.
  • Customize your landing page by including forms, media content, and rich HTML content.
  • Create lead data collection forms using the form block.
  • Insert audio-video media content to provide superior marketing experience.
  • Insert rich HTML content including images and links.
  •  Provide a variety of post form submission options, thank you message, file download, or URL redirect.
  • Collect all Leads coming from one landing page to a specified List.
  • Auto-assign a specified owner to all Leads coming from a Landing page.
  • Set custom Lead Score for every action on the landing page.
  • Insert a post submission custom script that provides you to make custom calls to any URL after form submission.
  • Create auto-response emails to Lead and notification templates to marketers.
  • Optimize the landing pages for search engines.
  • Create custom URLs for landing page. Include custom landing page URLs in marketing campaigns to direct the leads to the landing page.
  • Track same landing page using multiple tracking URLs. This is useful when you      want to track the effectiveness of your campaigns in different channels when you drive the traffic to the same landing page.
  • Compare Landing Pages on Visits, Submissions, and Unique Leads.
  • Edit and Republish a Landing page in real-time. No downtime for landing page needed.
  • Analyze Landing Page performance on traffic source and submission by looking at Landing page report.


  • Design and publish conversion optimized landing pages very quickly
  • Publish, Unpublish, Republish in matter in minutes.
  • Capture Lead’s action, increase score, assign to list and notify marketers automatically.
  • Gain powerful insights using Landing page report and comparison.

For more information, see How to Create and Publish a Landing Page?

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