Using the Call Analysis Report in SIERA

1. Feature Overview

The Call Analysis Report in SIERA helps Sales Managers monitor call centre metrics and agent productivity within their teams. Sales users can use the report to track their total calls (inbound, outbound, connected, unanswered, missed) and talk time.


2. Prerequisites

SIERA is a paid feature. To enable it for your account, contact your account manager or


3. Call Analysis Report

To view the SIERA Call Analysis Report, navigate to Reports>SIERA>Call Reports>Call Analysis Report.

Siera nav

3.1 Filters

Use this section to filter your report

Called OnDate range on which the call was made
Sales GroupsUse this to apply filters on specific Sales Groups
Owner NameUse this filter to apply filters on specific agents

Siera filters

Note: Apart from the above filters, you can choose and add up to 15 filters to the report. Click on filter icon to add more filters to your report. All the filters are multi-select filters which enable multiple values to be selected at once.

more filters


3.2 Data

Use this section to modify the rows and columns in your report –

  1. Select the Data tab.
  2. click on fields icon to choose the fields you would like to group and click Apply Settings.
  3. You can drag and drop the fields to change the order.
  4. In order to clear the groupings, click on the x delete icon for the fields and click  Apply Settings.
Note: You can add up to 3 rows and 1 column groupings.

Siera data

3.2.2 Pre-defined values

The Visualize section also has a set of pre-defined values.

  1. You can change the order by dragging the field box and clicking Apply Settings.
  2. You can delete a field from the view by clicking on the x delete icon next to the field and clicking Apply Settings.
  3. Click values icon to add a pre-defined value from the PRE-DEFINED section and click Apply Settings.
Note: Refer to section 4 for the descriptions of the pre-defined values.

siera pre-defined value

3.2.3 Additional Values

Apart from the pre-defined values, you can add additional values to the view –

  1. Click on values icon.
  2. You can select values from Lead, Opportunity, and Activity by clicking the + add icon.
  3. Once you select a value, you can click on the Edit icon to configure it.
  4. You can change the Display Name.
  5. Select an aggregator for the value.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Once done, click Apply Settings.
Notes: Refer to the table below for the aggregator options.
SumDisplays the summation of all the values.
MaxDisplays the maximum value.
MinDisplays the minimum value.
CountDisplays the number of values.
Count UniqueDisplays the number of unique values.

siera additional values


3.3 Report Views

You can create and share multiple reports based on pre-set filter conditions. The filter values and groupings are saved and the data refreshes when the report view is opened.

  1. Select Report Views.
  2. Click Create New View.
  3. Enter a name for the report and click Save.
  4. Under My Views, you can only see the Report Views you have created.
  5. Alongside the view you want to share, click SIERA, and click Share View.
  6. To stop sharing a Report View, click SIERA, and click Stop Sharing.

siera report views


4. Call Analysis Metrics

call analysis metric

4.1 Call Volume Analysis

CallsTotal calls during the date range selected (Inbound + Outbound)
Calls ConnectedTotal answered calls in the date range (Inbound answered + Outbound answered)
Unique LeadsTotal unique leads attempted in the date range (Inbound + Outbound)
Unique Leads ConnectedTotal unique leads connected in the date range (Inbound answered + Outbound answered)
Outbound CallsTotal calls dialled by the agents
Outbound Answered CallsTotal calls answered by the leads
Inbound CallsTotal calls answered by the agents


4.2 Call Duration Analysis

Total Call DurationTotal call duration for Inbound and Outbound calls
Average Call DurationTotal call duration for Inbound and Outbound calls/Number of calls
Calls < 2 minutesTotal answered calls with call duration < 2 minutes (Inbound + Outbound)
Calls > 2 minutes and < 5 minutesTotal answered calls with call duration > 2 minutes and < 5 minutes (Inbound + Outbound)
Calls > 5 minutes and < 10 minutesTotal answered calls with call duration > 5 minutes and < 10 minutes (Inbound + Outbound)
Calls > 10 minutesTotal answered calls with call duration < 10 minutes (Inbound + Outbound)


4.3 Not Connected Analysis

Inbound Missed CallsTotal inbound calls from the leads not answered
Outbound Unanswered CallsTotal outbound calls not answered by the leads


5. Call Analysis Use-Cases

5.1 New Leads Dialled Today

With the customization features offered in SIERA reports, users can add date fields as a filter. In this case, users can add leads Created On as a filter in the report. With the filter value of Today, we can identify the calls made for leads that were created today.

Steps –

  1. In the Filters section, click on filter icon.
  2. Search for Created On date field under the Leads entity, and select it using the + add siera icon.
  3. Select the value of Today and click on Apply Filters.

new leads dialled

Click on Report Views and save the report configuration.

new leads dialled


5.2 Total Call Duration for Answered Calls

Total call duration includes the total calls dialled. In order to exclude the ringer for missed calls, users can add Status as a filter to exclude these missed calls.

Steps –

  1. In the Filters section, click on filter icon.
  2. Search for the Status field under the Activity entity, and select it using the + add siera icon
  3. Deselect the Missed and NotAnswered status.

total call duration for answerd calls

Click on Report Views and save the report configuration.

total call duration for answerd calls


5.3 Call Recordings

Click on any call measure, for example, Connected Calls, to drill down to the lead level. Use the Call Recording URL to listen to the call recordings.

call recording


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