View and Manage Incentive Programs

1. Feature Overview

This article will show you how to view the incentive calculations, approve incentive payouts, and manage the progress of the incentive program.

Note: LeadSquared’s Incentives feature lets you set up an incentive program for your sales teams. Before you continue with this article, you must first Create an Incentive Program.


2. Prerequisites

  • You must have a published incentive program.
  • Only Admins and the assigned Approvers can approve or reject the rewards.


3. How it Works


Approvers will have access to the Approval, Dashboard, and My Incentives tabs on the Incentives page. They must approve all the eligible incentives of the users before they can be paid out –

  1. Navigate to Ace>Incentives>Approval to approve the incentives.
    1. Once you select an incentive program, you can view the reward calculation for all the users in the program.
    2. Select a user to either approve or reject the reward.
  2. The Dashboard will give you a complete picture of your team’s eligible incentives, approved incentives, the incentives that are paid out, and pending payouts.

incentives approver view



An Admin will have access to all Incentive features.

  1. An Admin can approve incentives on the Approvers’ behalf.
  2. Only Admins can make payouts to the users.
    1. Navigate to Ace>Incentives>Payout to get detailed information on the payouts that are pending.
    2. Select a user to make a payout for.
  3. The Dashboard gives Admins a complete picture of their organization’s eligible incentives, approved incentives, the incentives that are paid out, and pending payouts.

incentives admin view


Sales User

Sales Users will only have access to the My Incentives page. Here, users can keep track of their approval requests and payouts.

incentives user view


4. Incentive Approval

Navigate to the user approval page –

  1. Navigate to Ace>Incentives>Approval.
  2. Select an Incentive Program.
  3. Select a Cycle.
  4. Select a user.


  • The Approval page can only be accessed by Admins and Approvers.
  • Admins can approve incentives on behalf of the Approvers.

Incentive approval nav

Click on No. of Criteria Achieved. Here, you can view the Program Criteria achieved by the user. You can view further information regarding the Achieved Value and the Incentive they are eligible for based on reward calculation.

incentives criteria achieved

The Approval Status displays the approval stage for the user. In the following example, we have 2 approvers. The Eligible Amount (based on reward calculation) for the user is Rs. 32.63k You can enter the entire amount as the Approved Amount, or choose an appropriate amount. To reject the entire amount, enter 0 (zero). Next, enter a Remark and click Forward to Stage 2.

incentives first stage

As a higher-stage approver, you can override the decisions taken by the lower-stage approver. You can edit the amount that has been approved in the 1st stage – the approval or rejection from the last stage will be final. Once you are satisfied with the approved amount, click Proceed to move to the Payout stage.

incentives second stage

Note: An approver in a higher stage can also send back the approval to a lower stage.

incentives send back to stage 1


5. Incentive Payout

Navigate to the payout page –

  1. Navigate to Ace>Incentives>Payout.
  2. You can filter the page by User View or Program View.
  3. Select a user.
Note: The Payout page can only be accessed by Admin users.

incentives payout nav

Here, you can view the incentive amount that has been approved. Once you have paid out the incentive to the user, you can enter the payment details on this page and click Proceed with Payout – the Payout Status will be updated to Paid Out. If you have paid only a part of the approved amount, the Payout Status will still reflect as Pending.

incentive paid out

Note: You can also request a re-approval of the incentive from the last stage approver. Click Send Back to Approval. This option is not available if a partial amount has been paid out.

incentives payout send back to approver

You can also make payouts to the users through an Excel file. To do this, click Payout Using Excel. You can use the Sample File to add the payouts.

incentive payout excel


6. Incentive Dashboard

The incentive dashboard gives you a breakdown of the progress of the incentive programs.

Navigate to Ace>Incentives>Dashboard.

Note: The Incentive Dashboard can only be viewed by Admins and Approvers.

incentive nav dashboard

Select a Time Frequency for the total incentive breakdown in that time frame. If you are an Admin user, you can also select a specific Manager.

incentives dashboard 1

You can also drill down further into the incentive programs under the User View and Program View.

incentives dashboard 3


7. My Incentives

Navigate to Ace>Incentives>My Incentives. The My Incentives page displays all the payout requests and the approval requests for the respective user. This helps the sales users track all their achievements and keep a check on the rewards that need to be disbursed.

Note: The My Incentives page can be accessed by all users that are a part of the incentive program.

incentives my incentives


8. LeadSquared Mobile App – Incentives

You can also track the progress of your Incentive Programs through the LeadSquared Mobile App. The Mobile App will have three different views: Admin user view, Sales Manager view, and Sales User view.

Note: You cannot edit or create Incentive Programs through the LeadSquared Mobile App.

Incentives Admin View

Navigate to the LeadSquared Ace tab by clicking on the ace icon icon. Next, click on the Ace options icon and select Incentives.

Incentives mobile nav

On the Dashboard, you can view all the Incentive Programs assigned to a Manager. You can select a specific Manager through the dropdown.

Incentives pick manager

You can click on thegoals filter icon to apply a Time Frequency Filter.

Incentives time frequency

As an Admin, you can view the Eligible Incentive, Approved Incentive, Total Payout Done, and Pending for Payout statistics for all Incentive programs, or an Incentive program assigned to a specific Manager.

incentives payout admin

You can toggle between the statistics of individual users by selecting User View or individual Incentive programs by selecting Program View.

incentives user program

Select a user or a program to drill down into its details and progress.

Incentives program view

Incentives Sales Manager View

If you log in as a Sales Manager, you can view the progress of your Incentive through the Dashboard (programs where you are the Manager) and My Incentives (if you are part of a program) tabs.

manager view

incentives Sales User View

If you log in as a Sales User, you view the progression of all the Incentive programs you are a part of through the My Incentives tab.

incentives user view


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