Assign Custom Dashboards to Teams

1. Feature Overview

Create customized dashboards using your own analytics and BI tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Logi, etc.) and assign them to users in your LeadSquared account. These dashboards will help you utilize specific metrics to track the performance of teams within your organization.


2. Prerequisites

You must be the Admin of your LeadSquared account.


3. Creating the Dashboard

You can create custom dashboards for the users belonging to specific teams in your LeadSquared account. To know more, refer to How to Create a Custom Dashboard in LeadSquared.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Settings>Analytics>Dashboards and click the Create button.
  2. On the popup window, enter the
    1. Name for your dashboard
    2. External webpage’s URL link from where you want to pull the report. The access key and secret key are mail merge fields supported.
    3. Height for the display size of the report.
  3. On the popup window, against the View Type dropdown, you can choose Web, Mobile, or Web & Mobile.
    • If you opt for the Web & Mobile or the Mobile view, ensure the webpage for the URL is responsive. This will maintain a uniform view across platforms.
  4. Once you’ve entered all the details, click Create.


4. Assigning the Dashboard

After you’ve created the report, you can assign it to specific teams within your organization. To know how to create teams, refer to Teams.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Settings>Analytics>Dashboards.
  2. Hover your cursor over the Actions button, and click on Assign Team.
  3. Hover your cusror over the team for which you want to assign the dashboard, and click the Edit icon.
  4. Click the checkbox for the relevant team, and click the icon to make this the default dashboard for the entire team.
  5. Once you are done, click the save icon.
  6. You will get a “Dashboard updated successfully” notification once the dashboard is updated.

Note: The “Inherit from team” option will use the dashboard of the team larger team of which the smaller team is a part of. For example, in the above GIF, Chennai is a part of Region 1. Hence, if “Inherit from team” was chosen as the dashboard option for Chennai, then it would use the dashboard being used for Region 1.


5. Viewing the Dashboard

When your users log in to LeadSquared, they will be able to view the updated dashboard.



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