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Important: If you’re looking to integrate Contact Form 7 with your LeadSquared account after 1st January, 2023, install the new Contact Form 7 connector. The connector listed in this article does not support new installations after the specified date.

1. Feature Overview

This article shows you how to capture leads from your WordPress Contact Form7 to your Leadsquared account.


2. Prerequisites


3. Procedure

Activate Contact Form 7 to LeadSquared in LeadSquared WordPress Suite.


After activating Contact Form 7 to LeadSquared. Click on Contact and Add New to create new contact Form or click Edit on an existing form.


You will see Add New Contact Form page with default field tags.

  1. Name the Form – This name will be seen as the form title/header where the form is deployed on website.
  2. Using Form-tag Generator you would need to create/generate field code of required LeadSquared fields. (one at a time)



3.1 Form-tag Generator :

  1. Form-tag Generator is button that has various field (Datatype) options to choose from.
  2. Choose the options tagged with LeadSquared to integrate LeadSquared fields with the Contact Form.
  3. Select appropriate Data Type of LeadSquared to see the Fields of that datatype available in your LeadSquared account.
  4. For example: If you select LeadSquared Text all ‘Text’-type of fields in your LeadSquared account will be listed.
















Note: Only the LeadSquared tagged fields will be mapped to your LeadSquared account.

Meaning, any field without Leadsquared tag would not capture/store lead data in your LeadSquared account.


3.2 Lead Source tracking:

Lead Source tracking can be achieved by using this shortcode [tracking] in your contact form:

Once done, Save the Form to generate Shortcode of the form that can be used in your website.


Note 1: For Lead Source tracking to work, full Tracking should be enabled for your LeadSquared account.

Note 2: WordPress plugin for LeadSquared Tracking Script needs to be installed on your website.

Click here to download the plugin

Tracking Leads in LeadSquared

  1. A visitor submits his information in your WordPress website.


  1. The visitors details are captured in the Manage Leads page in LeadSquared.


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Janki Rawat
Janki Rawat
11 months ago

why page url and date is not getting mapped. can u help me for this

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Janki Rawat
11 months ago

Hi, Janki. Can you please send a detailed mail about the issue you’re facing to We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Janki Rawat
Janki Rawat
Reply to  Sri Sudhan
11 months ago

thanks for the reply i will send mail to