Create Quick Filter to Find Leads

LeadSquared offers a feature to add Quick Filters to find leads based on specific criteria.

A Quick Filter once created will be helpful to access required leads quickly and easily.

To find Quick Filter list, navigate to:  LEADS > Manage Leads. You can see it on Manage Leads Page to the right of lead grid.

To create a Quick Filter you may click on ‘+‘ icon to the right of Quick Filter section.

QF 2

On clicking ‘+’ button Advanced Search pop-up appears. For help on Advanced Search click here

Specify a criteria to search leads under “Select Search Criteria” and click on ‘+Add‘ button. The selected criteria appears as shown in the figure below. Click on ” Save As Quick Filter“.


Give a name to the Quick Filter and click on ‘Create’.

QF 32

On successful creation of Quick Filter, a message is shown on the pop-up stating the same. And the new filter is added to the Quick Filters list on Manage leads Page. You can see the quick filter for Leads from New York added to the list of Quick Filters.

QF NY added to list

Clicking on the required filter, you can find the corresponding set of leads shown in the lead grid.

In order to Edit or Delete a Quick Filter, just hover on the Filter and you would see the icons to Edit and Delete.

EDit or Del

To remove the applied filter you may close the “Advanced Search results” or hover on ‘Actions’ menu and click on “Reset all Filters”.

Reset filter


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Nikhil Mehta
Nikhil Mehta
4 months ago

How to sort leads in ascending and descending order of their date of creation?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Nikhil Mehta
2 months ago

Hi, Nikhil. Thank you for your question. On the Manage Leads page, from the Date Range dropdown, select “Created On”, and from the date dropdown, select “All Time”. Then, click on the Created On column header. The leads will get sorted in the ascending and descending order of the created on date.