How to embed Google Analytics Script in Landing Pages

LeadSquared offers you to track the visitor trend on the Landing Pages by using Google Analytics.


Obtain the tracking Script from your Google Analytics account (click here for help).

You have completed Step 1 , Step 2  , Step 3 of creating a landing page in LeadSquared.

Procedure to add Google Analytics Script to a Landing Page:

1. In Step 4 of the Landing Page builder (as shown in the figure below);


scroll down to the bottom to reach ‘Embed JavaScript’ in ‘Other Actions‘ section.  Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Script in Inside Head tab. And click on ‘Next’ to proceed with further steps of creating landing page.


Proceed until the last step (Step 5- Summary) of Landing Page builder.


Scroll down to the bottom and click on Publish button to publish the landing page.

Publish LP

Now you can track the visits in Google Analytics.

Note: If Google Analytics Script was not added to an already published Landing Page, you can edit the Landing Page and add the script in Step 3 of the Landing Page Builder(as explained above). Then proceed to step 5 to republish the landing page.

Click on Republish button for tracking on the landing page to be effective.

click to republish

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