Custom Opportunity Actions Connector

1. Feature Overview

The Custom Opportunities Actions connector allows you to create and add custom actions (actions apart from the default ones provided by LeadSquared) on a single opportunity or on multiple opportunities. It allows you to extend LeadSquared’s featured actions to support a variety of use-cases, such as –

  • Add an action to call on a number stored in a custom field (For e.g., “Call Parent” where parent’s number is stored in a custom field)
  • Add an action to send all the phone numbers of the opportunities in a list to a call center application for automated calling.
  • Add an action to trigger a data post on a custom Webhook.
  • Add an action to send a custom notification to opportunity owner.
  • Show all support tickets stored in external systems (like Zendesk, FreshDesk and so on) associated with the opportunity and display it as a separate window or pop-up.
Note: Custom actions will reflect on the LeadSquared mobile app as well.

LeadSquared's Custom Actions Opportunity Connector


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • The opportunities feature must be enabled on your account. To enable it, please write to


3. How it Works

The connector enables you to create a custom action using a callback URL with mailmerge parameters (such as @{Opportunity:Status, }, @{Opportunity:Owner, }, etc.). You can also configure Iframe attributes to define how your action will be displayed on the Manage Opportunity and Opportunity Details page. You can use this to create single as well as bulk actions. To use the Custom Opportunity Actions connector on your account –

  • Install the connector
  • Configure the connector
  • Use the new custom action

Opportunities Action_9


4. Install the Connector

To install the Custom Opportunities Action Connector on your account –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace.
  2. In the search box, type “Custom Opportunity Actions”, and click the Search icon.
    • Alternatively, from the left panel, click UI Customization. The Custom Opportunity Actions connector is listed on this page as well.
  3. On the Custom Opportunity Actions connector, click Install.

Opportunities Action_1


5. Configure the Connector

You must configure the connector to add custom actions. To do this –

  1. Once the Custom Opportunity Actions connector is installed, hover your cursor over the icon, and click Configure.
  2. On the Configure Custom Opportunity Actions pop-up, select the area you want the action to appear from the left panel – Opportunity Grid Row Action or Opportunity Grid Bulk Action.
  3. Click Add Action.

Opportunities Action_4

Enter the details of the custom action.

Action LabelThe display name of the action. This attribute is mandatory.
Opportunity TypeThe opportunity type for which you want this action to appear.
Action TypeThree action types are available –

  • Show as Popup
  • Call an API
  • Open in New Window
Show Tab InTo make the tab visible on your Web App and/or Mobile App, click the Checkbox checkbox.
Callback URLEnter the HTTPs URL which will be rendered as a custom action. The URL should be of an action that accepts LeadSquared mail merge fields as parameters and passes them to an external application (e.g., a support system, another CRM or marketing system, another LeadSquared account, etc.) to get the data. Click the question markquestion mark iconicon to view the available mail merge fields. This attribute is mandatory.
Iframe AttributesPass Iframe attributes you want to render on the pop-up. Applicable only for the Show as Popup action type.
HTTP MethodGET and POST methods are supported.
Content-Typeapplication/json is the only supported content type.
DataYou can pass any data here in the JSON format.

Once you’re done, scroll to the bottom and click Save.


  • To delete an existing custom action, click the delete icon against the action’s name.
  • To edit an existing custom action, on the Configure Custom Opportunity Actions pop-up, click the Down Arrow icon and makes changes, and click then Save.

Custom Opportunity Actions_E_1


6. Use the Custom Row Action

To view the custom row action –

  1. From the LeadSquared main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Opportunities>Opportunity Type.
  2. Against an existing opportunity, hover your cursor over the icon, and select the custom action from the dropdown list.

Opportunities Action_7


7. Use the Custom Bulk Action

To view the custom bulk action –

  1. From the LeadSquared main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Opportunities>Opportunity Type.
  2. Select the opportunities you want to view the bulk action for, by clicking the Checkbox checkbox.
  3. Hover your cursor over the Leads button, and select the custom action from the dropdown list.


Opportunities Action_9

Note: It will take up to 30 minutes for the custom action to appear on the Manage Opportunities page.


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