Measures to Ensure Higher Distance Computation Accuracy in Mobile App

Note: Once users check-in on the LeadSquared mobile app, they must avoid killing or forcibly closing the app as it may temporarily pause location tracking.

The following measures must be taken by the user to ensure significantly improved distance computation accuracy and location tracking in the LeadSquared Mobile App.

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User Check-In/Out

Ensure that the User Check-In feature is enabled for the tenant. All mobile users must perform check-in/out daily for seamless location tracking and distance computation. Distance calculation will not be initiated for the day if the mobile user has not checked in.​ 


Enable Location Services

Ensure that the mobile device has its location services (GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile data) turned on. The mobile app relies on these services to determine the device’s coordinates accurately after checking in.​ 


App Permissions

The LeadSquared Mobile App must have the necessary permissions to access the device’s location. Users should grant these permissions during the app installation or within the device’s settings.​ 


Network Connectivity

The mobile device should preferably have an active network connection, either through mobile data or Wi-Fi. Location data may be more accurate with a strong network connection.​ 


Battery Optimization

Check that the mobile device’s battery optimization settings do not restrict the tracking app’s background activity. Some devices may limit background location updates to save power. 


Location Accuracy Settings

In the device settings, users can adjust location accuracy preferences. Higher accuracy settings may use GPS and Wi-Fi for precise tracking, while lower settings might rely on mobile networks, which can be less accurate. 

LeadSquared - iOS Location Accuracy Settings


App Updates

 Ensure that the LSQ mobile app is up to date as we often release updates that can further improve location tracking accuracy and reliability.​ 


Background Location Permissions

If the app needs to track location in the background (when not actively in use), users may need to grant special permissions for background location access.​ 


Location Hardware

Ensure that the mobile device’s GPS or location hardware is functioning correctly. Hardware issues can result in inaccurate or unreliable location data.​ 


Network Stability

For apps that send location data to a server, a stable internet connection is essential to transmit data in real time.​ 


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