Email Link Domain and DKIM/SPF Settings for LeadSquared

This articles explains the Email Link Domain and DKIM/SPF settings for your LeadSquared account. For information on Email Link Domain, refer to Domain Settings for Email Links.



You should be an Administrator or Marketing user of your LeadSquared account to change the Email link Domain settings from your LeadSquared system.



Follow these steps to set up your DKIM/SPF settings.

1. Email Link Domain
Create the following CNAME records in your Website Domain as shown in the table below:

 Type  Host  Data
 CNAME click.<>

<> should be replaced by your website domain where you wish to track web activities after Email link click. For example:,, etc.

Note: The data to which the CNAME Record points to differs for each account.

To find the exact data, navigate to  My account>Settings>Lead tracking>Email link domain.

Once the CNAME record is created and propagated (is live) LeadSquared account recognizes it and Shows a notification stating connected.

Once LeadSquared recognizes the Cname record the Confirm New Domain button will be enabled. Just click on it to set it as the Domain for Email Links.



  • For DKIM/SPF cName records, please reach out to your account manager or
  • After you get the cName records, add them to your DNS.


  • If you have different domains for website and Emails, the Email link domain settings are updated in the website domain and DKIM/SPF settings are updated in the Email domain. We suggest you to use single domain for both.
  • If your Domain Service Provider does not allow you to create CNAME records or if special characters are not allowed while creating CNAME records, please email to for an alternate solution.


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