Foundation Product Training Videos

You can find all the LeadSquared Product Training Videos listed below –

Video TitleTopics Covered
LeadSquared Overview
  • Understand leads and other terminology used in LeadSquared.
  • Comprehend Sales Lifecycle
  • Get an overview of LeadSquared
  • List down our clients and industries we cater to
  • Understand the business use case for our LeadSquared training
Basic Settings and Concepts
  • Comprehend the role of an admin and setup admin and organization profile
  • Get an overview of the user personas using the LeadSquared system
  • Underline the concept of Teams and user hierarchy
  • Explain the user access rights and implement the same in your LSQ system
  • Enable workday template, leave tracker, and holiday calendar
  • Create custom lead fields and dependent lead fields
  • Understand lead stages, lead sources, and how to handle lead duplication
LeadSquared for Sales
  • Working with Leads – Lead Capture, Lead Stages, Lead Distribution, Lead Score, Lead List, and Smart Views, Lead Forms, Lead Prioritization
  • Activities: System and Custom Activities for Sales
  • Sales Activity
  • Tasks
  • List
  • Forms & Process Designer
  • Process Automation
  • Sales Reports
Forms and Process DesignerThe Forms and Process Designer features help your users create intelligent forms to capture lead and opportunity data that are relevant to their departments, products, or processes.
Email Campaign
  • How to set up email campaigns
  • How to use templates, lists, and split testing
  • How to personalize your email content
  • Detailed reports on click rate, open rate, device open rate, and more
  • Advanced email analytics to improve your campaigns
  • Learnings from sending over 5 million emails
Landing Page
  • What landing pages are and how they work
  • How to create beautiful landing pages with LeadSquared
  • Pro tips and tricks
Website WidgetsLeadSquared Topbar Widget is a lead conversion tool that you can put on your website and landing pages to get the distinguished attention of web visitors on your marketing offers.
LeadSquared Marketing FeaturesA quick summary of LeadSquared marketing features.
Opportunity Management
  • Capture opportunities across all marketing channels
  • Define & automate customized processes for every opportunity type you offer
  • Define criteria to automatically assign opportunities to relevant sales teams & users
  • Identify & capture duplicate opportunities within your system
  • Track every interaction through activities, tasks & notes
Opportunity Management on Mobile
  • Opportunities on the LeadSquared iOS and Android apps, to manage potential deals
    • Opportunity forms for seamless data capture
    • Opportunity lists for different product/service offerings
    • Managing opportunities against a lead
  • Smart Views to help users focus on only important opportunities
  • The following quick actions to improve efficiency while using opportunities
    • Set opportunity as homepage
    • Swipe actions
    • Long press actions
    • Bottom bar
  • Custom actions & tasks in opportunities to customize your workflow
Overview of the New Account Management Feature
  • How to categorize business relationships with different account types
    • Setup different account types like customer, partner, etc.
    • Adding accounts in a different account types
    • View & manage accounts
    • Know what stages accounts are in
  • Group leads using accounts
  • Add leads to accounts
  • Account-based sales group permissions


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