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Capturing Leads from Gravity Forms in LeadSquared

Many companies use Gravity forms on their WordPress sites to capture leads. We provide an integration with Gravity form to get these leads into LeadSquared.


  1. Gravity Form should be installed in your WordPress account. The version of Gravity form should be and above.
  2. You should have LeadSquared Administrator access


  • Download File.
  • Login to your WordPress account.
  • Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.


  • Add Plugins page, you will have the option to Upload the Plugin as shown in the below image.


  • In the next page Choose file option is available, Choose the downloaded zip file.
  • Once done, Click on Install Now.
  • Then Click on Activate plugin as shown in the below image,


  • Now Plugin is activated.

Follow the below steps to synchronize the gravity form and Leadsquared account.

  • Once the Plugin is activated you will be able to see Gravity Forms Leadsquared Add-On as shown in the below image,
  • Click on Settings of Gravity Forms Leadsquared Add-On.


  • In the Settings page, you have to provide Access Key and Secret Key of your LeadSquared Account.
  • You will find your API Access Key and Secret Key in the Settings page of your LeadSquared Account.


  • If the give Access Key and Secret Key is correct then you will see a tick mark as shown in the above image or you will see an (X) symbol in red, which is referring to an incorrect information.
  • Now you can Gravity form fields to LeadSquared fields.
  • Click on Forms from the left panel and then click on Add New as shown in the below image (or edit your existing forms)


  • Click on Form Settings and choose LeadSquared from the drop down as shown below image
  • Now click on Add New as directed below


  • Now you have to set the appropriate feed settings between the Gravity form and Leadsquared.
  • You can also specify the Lead Owner for all the leads which are from Gravity form that you are designing in Feed Settings
  • Also, you can customize the Lead Source.


  • Once the Settings is done, Click on Update Settings.

You are Gravity form is ready to capture leads and push it to Leadsquared.

Note: If you would like to capture the lead source and enable tracking, kindly follow the below steps in additional.

While creating form create a new field (Single Line Text ) and Name the field as ProspectID , For this field please provide Custom CSS Class Name as ProspectID gform_hidden .


Once you have done this save the form or update it. In Form Settings Go to Leadsquared add a new field and map it to Prospect Id in Gravity form filed, also leave the Lead Source field blank as shown in the below image.